Friday, May 21, 2010


Its raining AGAIN.

I feel like Seattle weather has taken over.  Yesterday a strange glowing yellow ball was visible in the sky and every where you went people were staring up it, shielding their eyes and mumbling to themselves about what that thing could possibly be.

But it disappeared again so life is back under the clouds.

Yes, its been that bad.

We’ve had a hard time getting our garden in because of soaking down pours that last for days.

Thankfully we have a good amount of sand in our soil and we were able to get a good portion of our garden in on the one day last week when it didn’t rain.

This week the kids and I spent several days at my sister’s house.

lydia and lauren

It. Rained. The. Whole. Time.

That is until we left. Then the sun came out. 

Of course!

My intention was to get some great shots of all of the kids outside. It would have been a great learning opportunity for me instead I only got one of the two girls sharing a sleeping bag while watching Nick Jr.

However, I did get some beautiful pictures of my sisters flowers.  She has the most gorgeous gardens.

clematis foxglove pink iris

snake wort poppie

Back at home we have a bit of spring that has sprung…

bunnies turkeys

Baby bunnies and turkeys are being cared for on our little farm and the garden is growing.


There will be salads with 5 different types of greens before long!

Even with all the rain and dreariness.

Spring has Sprung!


  1. Sorry to hear that you have been having "Seattle weather"...we have that all the time, so I am used to it. :)

    Your sisters flowers are beautiful and your photos are WONDERFUL!! You must be loving your new do such a great job with it!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Those ARE some beautiful flowers, and beautiful pictures of said flowers! Your gift is amazing! I'm glad the sun finaly peeked out and I hope you have many sunny days in the future! I don't like many days of rain either. I couldn't live in Seattle!

  3. beautiful photos of the flowers!

    It's been fun to visit blogs and see where everyone's garden plans are. some are done planting, some haven't even started and some like you (and me) have a little done but are anxious to finish it up!
    Rain, rain go away. But then again, that's why the pacific northwest is so green and pretty!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I know, I'm so sick of the rain and it doesn't look like it is going to stop anytime soon :( It got down to 34 degrees here last night. I haven't been brave enough to go check my plants yet. Hope your garden is doing OK!

  5. Precious pic of the girls and beautiful pictures of the flowers. I've lived on a farm all my live long life and I don't think I've ever seen a baby turkey. They're much cuter when they are little.

    Ya'll have a fantastically blessed Friday!!!

  6. Booo for so much rain. Your flower pix are wonderful. ;) And lovin' those cute lil' critters. Nator just looked at the lil' turkeys and said, "I'm sorry I eat you." :)

  7. More rain here today too! I guess it made going to work a smidgen easier :)

    We had such a great time, even with the rain. The kids miss all of you already. They keep asking when you are coming back.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

  8. When the sun ever does come out, your garden will take off! We live on the east coast and it's been raining here all week except for one day. It's amazing what the sunshine does for your soul. beautiful picitres!

  9. Beautiful flower pictures! Hopefully, the rain will stop soon. Then you may be praying for rain later in the summer! :)

  10. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. We too have had a wet spring. I remind myself-God knows best. I kinda like sunshine in the day and rain at night. Take care and God bless.

  11. We'd love for you to send some of that rain to us - we've had such sunny weather that it's getting too dry & the farmers are worrying about their crops - thankfully it began to rain today (not heavily - just a constant drizzle) - I hope it sticks around here, but you get lovely sunny weather!
    I've also been planting my garden - the winter one!
    Beautiful pictures

  12. Sorry your visit didn't go as planned, but I did enjoy the pictures. :)


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