Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It’s Simple


It’s the slow, simple pleasures that endear summer to my heart.

Taking time to watch a Monarch butterfly, just recently emerged from its chrysalis, dry its wings in my garden.




Caring for a new kitten, full of life and loving purrs, named Kitty-Kitty by a little girl who had her daddy wrapped around her finger from the first PUUU-L-E-A-S-E.



Building towers by the lasting, evening light streaming through the sliding glass door.


Its silly faces and giggles in the flower garden.




And its watching God’s nature work it’s miracles in my garden.


As the beginning of our school year zooms closer and closer. I am soaking up all the beauty, in sights and sounds, around me.  Out of doors, nature is poignant. Emotionally moving me to grasp and store up the wonders surrounding me.

White clouds scudding across brilliant blue skies, Cicadas humming their end of summer melody, warm, vibrant vegetables from my garden, intricate designs on flowers strewn throughout field and garden, laughter and flushed cheeks on my children’s faces, these all reside within me, lightening my heart as I enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.



This post is part of Summer’s Simple Things over at Kim’s ~ The Inadvertent Farmer.



  1. Beautiful pictures, Jenn!
    The kitten is so cute. I can't resist them either. I have two cats of my own. They're so fun!
    Your little girl is adorable.
    Hard to believe July is almost over. It's time to start thinking about the new school year!

  2. I feel the need to spend a summer's day with you. Then, we can find a Cheesecake Factory. ;)

  3. What AMAZING photos Jenn!! You are really learning the "art" of photography!! These could win in a contest...I am sure!

    Have a wonderful week of "soaking up" the remaining days of summer!


  4. just beautiful...We are also enjoying the creations God has given us this summer. Summer seems to be flying by too quickly. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  5. What a lovely post...that butterfly is stunning.

    There is almost nothing sweeter than a tiny kitten and a little girl!

    Great post, your summer seems to be simply smashing!!! Kim

  6. lovely!
    It's true, we must soak up these things, because they will be gone all too soon!

  7. Can't wait to meet the newest member of the family!

    I need to take more time to stop and enjoy the simple beauty of summer. Right now I feel like I'm too busy thinking of the next "thing" on my list.

  8. Thanks for remindin' me to stop and enjoy the simply things that God surrounds us with everyday!

    You have a wonderfully blessed Wednesday sweetie!!!

  9. So beautiful, Jenn.

    I can't believe it is almost school time again. I am looking forward to hearing about all of your new school techniques.

    I am moving to Wordpress next week. I can't believe it is so much work, but loving it.

  10. Such pretty photos!


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