Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garden Invader


My flower garden is my sanctuary.

allium and bee-3

When I’m there I feel God’s hand.

white daisy

I feel His peace.


I see His Glory.

morning glory

Obviously the awesomeness of my secret sanctuary has been made know, because lately I’ve been encountering someone else there as I soak up the quiet …


army army-1 army-3

A green, well armed, incognito garden invader. G.I. Joe seriously in need of a little R & R has come to keep me company. 

Welcome army dude!  Hey, while your here could you possibly use those wicked looking weapons to take out a few nasty beetles? 



  1. {lol}
    that is the
    childhood is wonderful isn't it!

  2. Heeehehehe! Guess I have armadillo on the brain. They have been diggin' the thunder out of my flower beds messin' up mulch like nobody's business.

    Your Army Dude was quite the surprise to me as much as I guess it was for you. Cute!

    Have a terrifically blessed Thursday sweetie!

  3. Oh that is just so beautiful, so sweet and funny!

    Love your pictures, they really brightened my foggy morning!


  4. LOL!! That is so funny!! I love it! If they get rid of your bugs, send them my way! Thanks for stopping by my blog! By the way, your pictures of the flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Oh, I just love it!! Too cute & too funny!

  6. I love your photos, just beautiful! The army dude at the end gave me a surprise chuckle!

  7. That's great!!

    I wonder if he's the guy that ditched his match-box back-hoe ( I wouldn't know why G I-joes would use backhoes, but work with me here...)in my flowerbed??

    What a fun find - and what a great post. As always, your flowers are gorgeous.

    Hey, What kind of camera do you have? I thought my camera totally went on the blink half-way through our vacation. I was sick.
    Then it started working again, but I'm not sure how reliable it is now.

  8. That was delightful! You do have beautiful flowers and I love the little green army man. At least he had sense enough NOT to sit on your flower petals:)

  9. LOL!! Hilarious! AND sweet! Aren't boys the greatest? (I'm assuming it was a boy...could be wrong, though!)

    Have a lovely LORD's Day!

  10. Bevy,

    I have a Nikon D5000 and I just LOVE it!

  11. Thanks so much for this post. I loved it. As I was looking at your picture, they brought a big smile to my heart. Life is so good and our God is so great. God bless.

  12. Those flowers are just gorgeous! I completely understand G.I.Joe's desire to chill and soak in their beauty!

  13. HA!!! Of course as mom to all boys, I have a deep appreciating for Mr. army man. LOVE IT! :)

  14. You words, your photos... They are so gorgeous.


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