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I’m not sure how or why it happens, but every summer seems to float off into history at a mind bending pace.  Even though the days are longer, the sun keeping us company, warming our faces and lighting our days for more productivity, there is always more to do than what can be accomplished in a 12 hour period.

My days are full, good full.

 DSC_0027 DSC_2955DSC_2585 DSC_2864DSC_2888  

I have certainly been blessed this year with a garden that is yielding an over abundance. Our freezer is filling up and the empty jars on the shelves, in the storage room, are being replaced with colorful jars full of garden freshness.

The flowers in my garden are a continual source of enjoyment and comforting peace.

 Lily morning glory black eyed susan-3

 allium and bee-3 bee

Every time I walk outside I am blessed with their beauty and reminded of their Creator.


Our summer break is coming to a close, to me it is bitter sweet. I love the freedom summer days bring.  Time for gardening, hanging clothes on the line, preserving, swimming, picnics, lazy afternoons flipping through back issues of Country Living with an iced coffee in my hand! But, I also look forward to the schedules that school brings.  Productivity, learning, organization, time spent snuggled on the couch reading with my children, candles burning, bread baking, crocheting!

I guess that’s what keeps my life interesting. The change in seasons not only brings beauty and wonderment into my life, but it helps me to be thankful that my life isn’t like a straight, flat, monotonous, highway, but rather a glorious country road full of hills and dales and meandering curves through woods and fields.

Who wouldn’t want to take that journey?

Today I am thanking the Lord for my full days.  I am relishing the coming change.  I am counting every blessing.  Because each and every day is a beautiful treasure.


  1. Great post! And a great perspective on how as the seasons change our lives change too! Each one brings comfort and contentment in it's one way.

  2. Beautifully spoken, Jenn. Where 'did' summer go? :)

  3. Summer is my least favorite season of the year. Here in central Tx the days now are over 100, staying in doors is the best option.
    BSF-Bible Study Fellowship does not meet in the summer and I miss that, the study itself/fellowship/and the routine of it.
    My favorite time of the year is Autumn, as soon as the days become cooler I am refreshed and feel energized.

  4. I am feelin' with you girl!
    what a great post.
    While I too am eager to get the routine of school back is like you said...bitter sweet that summer comes to an end.
    I am reminded as I read this post to soak it all up even MORE before it's all gone.
    THANK YOU!!!

  5. I wanted to tell you also that I love your new blog look!
    The header is just lovely!

  6. Ooohhh!!

    This is what I squealed when I saw your new blog design, here - just now. You've been busy. It's beautiful.

    Can I just tell you - the grouping of photos (of flowers)... particularly the photo of the Brown-eyed Susan's. That IS simply STUNNING!!

    Jenn. You're great.

    I'll have to go back and actually re-read your post - because I was so captivated by all your beautiful photos, I couldn't concentrate on it.;)

  7. Oh, summer days are FULL aren't they? What a great way to describe it.

    I love your photo of the basil on the dehydrator tray. I can almost smell them! I'll be doing that this week.

  8. Amen to that girl! I saw the big old yellow bus pass by the house this morn'.

    I can't say I miss going to school every morning and I fill my life with children with Sunday School, Kid's Church and grandchildren so I really don't miss 'kids'. :o)

    Have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

  9. Such lovely pictures. Wishing you a very blessed homeschooling journey this year.

  10. hi! I found you blog by way of my friend, Amanda over at Homegrown and Beeyoutiful! What a lovely place to visit!

  11. Such a GORGEOUS post Jenn! Oh yes, where DOES the summer go? I always think I will somehow have more time in the summer months, and every year I am surprised that it is SUPER busy, but GOOD busy, as you said! I too enjoy the seasons...they are a blessing.

    Have a wonderful LORD's Day tomorrow!
    In Him,


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