Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Summer Favorite

A trip to the Lake…there’s nothing that shouts summer more!




Waves, sand dunes, floaties, snacks, giggles, squeals, smiles, family, cousins, and sand every where.

Even where it shouldn’t be!





The scenery is gorgeous. Sun, wind and water soothing. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day.


It’s so hard to say goodbye!

***Just a side note…I took all of these pictures with my son’s Kodak point-and-shoot camera. There was no way I was taking my DSLR onto the beach.  I would have loved to capture some awesome pictures with it, but was not to keen on the possibility of sand scratching and ruining my camera. So, to get to the point, you can still take really good pictures with a point-and-shoot camera, you don’t have to have the biggest or best or most expensive camera out there.  You can still capture those special moments with a less expensive model, my motto is just take a bunch of pictures.  You can always delete those that aren’t good.

This post is a part of The inadvertent farmer Summer’s Simple Things.



  1. That is a really good point, Jenn. Your pictures are wonderful. You have a great eye.

    I bet that water felt so refreshing with all the humidity. You are such a good mama.


  2. What fun!!

    They're really cool pictures - point taken.

    I would not have known you used a different camera.

  3. The pictures turned out great. I should learn from you, to stop taking my camera to the lake/beach :)

    We love summer for the trips to the lake, too.

  4. Your pictures never cease to amaze me. I was just going through the pics I took and they don't handle a candle to yours :) Love your talent!

    We had a great time! I wish we could pull it off more than once a year.

  5. Your pics look professional girl. It seems ya'll had a wonderful trip to the lake.

    God bless and have a beautiful day!!!

  6. Summer and water go together like nothing else...what a great post.

    Lol about the sand where it shouldn't be! Kim

  7. I would have never guessed that was not your slr!
    you make a
    You have a gift!!!
    beautiful photos!

  8. Wow. Such beautiful photography you have! The pictures are amazing!

  9. Looks like you all had a great time!! The pictures are gorgeous!!

    I have a Kodak EasyShare and I love it. Have had it for 5 years now but would still love a DSLR but am happy to have the one I do have! It's still hanging in there. lol

  10. Beautiful pictures - never would've known they were from a different camera! You have such a great photography eye!

  11. Wow! What great shots..when they make you wanna go there asap..good eye!

  12. How WONDERFUL beach days are!! What a GORGEOUS spot you have access to! :)

    I agree with the others...I didn't know you weren't shooting with a different camera...the photos are all great! AND...I agree...the SLR cannot go to the beach! :)


  13. Beautiful! The few times I've brought my DSLR to the beach, I've wrapped it in plastic, etc, etc. A lot less nerve wracking to bring a point and shoot! :)

  14. Oh it is so beautiful there! I love the way the grass is growing down so close to the sand!
    I also don't take my DSLR to the beach or the snow either! Unfortunatley our point & shoot is so bad that I may as well not bother.
    Your pictures are beautiful!


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