Monday, August 2, 2010

3 Weeks and Counting


The countdown has begun.

Our 2010-2011 school year starts in exactly 3 weeks.


Some how our summer break has slipped quickly away.  It happens every year, but somehow I’m always shocked.

With that being said, I am shaking off the stupor of lazy summer days.  This week I have proclaimed as my “Get er’ done” week.  Watch out school room here I come!

DSC_3033 DSC_3034 DSC_3035

I will be organizing, filing, pitching and sorting.  Not to mention putting things back in their proper places.  Somehow this room gathers and stores items from all over the house.

When the school room is back in proper order I will tackle this~


New books!

I usually order our core curriculum from Sonlight, but this year I didn’t need to do that.  My oldest and I are still working our way through Core 6-World History Part 1.  There is so much to learn in this core, it is amazing.  I do believe we will be able to finish this core before the end of the year.  So, I ordered some literary classics to fill in, plus I am hoping to add in more writing assignments to strengthen his writing skills.  I also purchased a book from The Critical Thinking Company, which he will use to strengthen his analytical thinking skills. Plus, he will continue learning Spanish using Rosetta Stone.

If you followed my homeschool blog in the past (which I have now merged into this one), you know that my middle son has dyslexia.  This year once again I searched for a different phonics program.  We have worked through several over the past couple of years and I needed to find another to help us build on the skills he has learned so far.  Most curriculums only have phonics workbooks through the second grade so it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to find books that will work for him since he is going into the sixth grade. 

I finally decided on Megawords 1 a book that will help him decode, spell and understand multisyllabic words.  I am hoping this book will strengthen his ability to break down big words into manageable parts, so that he can sound them out more easily. Along with that we will be using  The Spell of Words to strengthen his spelling even more.  If reading is hard for him, spelling is a nightmare.  This spelling curriculum is designed specifically for dyslexics, so I’m hoping it will be useful for us. I bought Language Smarts C from The Critical Thinking Company to use as a review of phonics rules. This is an area I just don’t feel we can slack off on.  So, we continue to hit the phonics hard with workbooks and word lists that we make in a notebook.  I also purchased Just Write which I will be using with both my younger boys to help strengthen their writing skills.  He will also be continuing on with Explode the Code books 5, 5 1/2 and 6.

I will be using all the books above except for the Megawords 1 with my youngest son. I think it will help to alleviate some of the stress for me of trying to teach all three of them something different. He will also be using Explode the Code books but books 2 1/2, 3 and possibly 3 1/2.

Both my older boys will be using Teaching Textbooks for their math this year and my youngest son will continue in his A Beka Math. All other subjects will be covered using Sonlight Core 2 and Core 6. 

As for the princess, we will be doing a laid back year of pre-school, filled with lots of reading, coloring, art, and some basic letter and number recognition.  I will be using the Sonlight pre-K reading curriculum and A Beka Pre-K phonics and number book with her.

The time is come for me to get to business. I have books to read and subjects to figure out.  Schedules need to be made and copies printed.  Notebooks labeled and folders filled. Pencils sharpened and crayons sorted.

It may sound crazy, but I thrive on this.  I love the organization and ordering of our school year.  I am looking forward to the challenge and hoping to throw a bit of creativity into the school room itself this week.

If your a homeschooling family what plans do you have for your school year?


For more curriculum choices from other homeschoolers visit Heart of the Matter.


  1. What a great post Jenn! How exciting to get it all organized! Don't you *love* the feeling when it's all put into order and the fresh schedules are in place and the books are waiting to be devoured?? I *understand* your craziness...I am afflicted with the same "bug"! ;-)

    What are we doing to prepare? My sweetheart took the children away for three nights (to Grandma/pa's house) at the end of this past school year. I had three days to organize, plan, research, was WONDERFUL!! I really enjoyed doing it then (never did it that early before), so now there are the schedules to make and final ordering to do, but many things are moving into this year from last.

    Have fun organizing...enjoy!


  2. ....and I'm quite convinced you will...'get-'er-done! Looks like your well on your way girl! Amazing how quickly the summer flies!

    Have a fun day filled with warm summer blessings sweetie!!!

  3. Oh my I remember these days. I would get more excited about starting than the children. My older ones are all gone, but I have a 5 and 6 yr old and we're still debating on whether to put the 6 yr old in school or homeschool him. I have to decide this week....I'm really praying for some guidance.

  4. Sounds like you have a very full school year.

    As for me, my daughter goes to school at the Christian school on August 23rd.

    I am praying for a good year for all.

    God Bless.

  5. Oh I can't believe school is so close, and summer is almost over! Look's like you are getting things in order!

  6. I hope it will be a great year for you guys! We started back yesterday and I'm excited! I like the structure too, and I love them learning instead of arguing with eachother over silly things. Our summer went by fast too, but they were deffinately ready for something more constructive to do! My kids love ACE. I've tried many things, but it's their favorite. We also use A Beka, Switched On Schoolhouse, Horizons and Scott Foresman Reading all for different things at different ages. I love the options available for homeschoolers! I can tailor the curriculum for the individual needs and likes of each of my children!

  7. we are getting so excited for our school year to start!!
    we are going to start earlier than usual...{{after our vbs is over and a week to organize more}}
    so...the plan is to start in 2 weeks.

    we are trying out a few new books this year that i'm super excited about.

    have fun getting ready!
    i love that part

  8. You go girlie! I wish I had half of your homeschooling confidence. I'm sure it will build with time though :)

  9. you sound like me, the new school year has crept up on me, too. Where did my summer go?? I have messy shelves to organize, also.

    we are loving Sonlight, and use Explode the code, also. it looks like you have a really nice year planned.

  10. REALLY great post!
    I too thrive on organization.
    I am right there with you this week getting it done and ready.sorted.stacked.
    This is only my second year homeschooling and my first with a real curriculum!
    REALLY exciting for me!

  11. Awesome post! I have no doubt that you will get it all done:) Now that we are all settled in and my hubby has started at his job, I have begun ordering our curriculum for the year. As I unpacked I sorted our books and have them categorized on the bookshelves. I need to prepare the children's working bookshelves. I also need to make out our calendar for the year. We start school right after labor day. I love this time of year. I enjoy the smell of new paper and pencils. I love gathering our school supplies and the excitement a new box of crayons brings to my sweet ones! Praying for us all as we start this new year. Rock on homeschoolin' mamas!

  12. I'm participating in the Not back to school blog hop too and hopped over here! Great plans, sounds like an exciting year. We started Monday here, to make up for ending last year early because of our move and started using My Father's World.
    I've really craved the structure of school days this summer. Hope you have a great year!


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