Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Ditched the List


~ Sore throats, fevers, runny noses and general yuckiness: Only three days in and school is put on hold for the oldest two.

~ 10 quarts of tomatoes from the garden simmering on the stove, while I work with my girl on her letters, start sending out a funky smell:  Scorched. All contents dumped in the weeds may the critters enjoy all my efforts.

~ Spare change container takes a dive off the refrigerator: 4 pounds of coins scattered across the kitchen.

~ Princess girl excited over her lemonade loses all hand grip function: sticky sweetness splattered all over the linoleum.

Before anything else could happen to make me grit my teeth and pull my hair, I ditched the list that was looming over my head.  Laundry, cleaning, gardening, canning, GONE.

I made sure my sickies were wrapped up in blankies, made them big bowls of Ramen noodles, and set them in front of the TV, like any good mom.

While they slurped away, I took the other two outside for an impromptu picnic.

boys-1 picnic sissy

sissy-1 boys sissy-2

picnic-1 Ellie picnic-2

The sunshine, sweet breeze, bright colors and giggles did me GOOD!  I re-entered the house 45 minutes later in a calmer state of mind.  Sometimes it just good to push that list out of sight and enjoy the day!


  1. Bless your heart sweet mama nurse! Sometimes the list just has to wait.

    Take care and I pray those youngens get well quickly and you don't catch the bug!

    God bless ya

  2. I was thinking of you - earlier today or maybe it was last evening.

    I'm sorry you've had such a day, but I'm glad things returned to peaceful (peace-filled) day, after-all.

    Tomorrow is just around the bend... may it be a smoother path. ;)

  3. Amen sister!!!!
    I am putting off the start of school until Labour day weekend.

  4. Oh no! No wonder you ditched your list...I would too!!

    On a different note, I adore your pictures!!

  5. Yes, Jenn...the "list" sometimes just has to go! So sorry you have sickness in the house! My sister's little boy was only at school 3 days when he came down with it! What is it about the end of summer? BUT...looks like summer still is happening with that gorgeous picnic you were able to enjoy in the midst of it all.

    Blessings to you!

  6. Oh dear! Bless your heart. Some days are better without the schedule. Hope your babies are well soon!

  7. Absolutely! I have had plenty of those days where the list hast to be abandoned in order to keep sanity and sweet spirits in the house! Getting things accomplished isn't worth losing our temper and our testimony to our children. I pray your sickies feel better soon, and I LOVE those picnic pictures!

  8. Hope your day improved! I'm glad you took some time out. I need to remember that next time!

    So sorry about the tomatoes! It sounds all too familiar with my spaghetti sauce. I did end up canning mine, but I have a feeling it may make it's way to the garbage this winter. Scorch-yuck!

    Love the pic of sis where she is cupping her eyes! It made me giggle out loud!

  9. You are one of the cutest darn country girls I've ever seen!

    I want you to know, I'm grinning the entire time I read this post. It's refreshing to see that their is a such thing as real life out their in "blog fog"!!!!

    lovely photos!!!

  10. OH life! Yesterday my oldest is in trouble, he is painting fences for the offence, then my other son breaks my favorite cassarole dish, that wentin the garbage, and my husband is upset about a work issue, I went in the other room and prayed! Boy did that lift the burden quick...

  11. HOpe they get to feeling better!!

    Beautiful pictures!

  12. Oh I love, love, love all the pictures! Hope your kiddos feel better soon, we also have a virus running through our house - no fun! Have a great weekend!

  13. Great pictures...praying things are better soon!


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