Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Dance…

When I was a little girl a “twirly” dress was sure to add brightness to my day.  One simple twirl determined it all.  If my skirt rose up high and full, then a smile and many more twirls would follow.  I would spin gazing down at the material as it rose up full of air.  I loved the light, feminine feeling that the billowing folds of material gave me.  I loved the action of dancing, leaping, jumping, with my childlike grace.

Usually my sister would spin with me and we would throw our arms out wide twirling and weaving together. Finally falling to the floor in a heap of giggles and pure spinning delight.  Only to begin again when the room turned back to its normal level.

When my boys were little I continued the tradition…minus the lighter than air skirts!  I would put on a favorite CD, crank up the volume and we would dance and dance and dance, until we collapsed on the floor taking in big gulps of air.  Again and again we would play this dance game.  It never grew old, until they grew older. 


dance dance-1 dance-2


Now I have another dancer.  This one who requests a dress almost every day! 


dance-3 dance-4 dance-5

A twirler.   A spinner.   A twister.  A turner.

She’s reminded me…

For a while, I had forgotten the joy of dancing.  I had forgotten that I can’t spin and twirl without a smile tugging at my lips.  I had forgotten how good it feels to move my feet, get short of breath and break out in a sweat.  I had forgotten how much lighter my soul feels after I have belted out some of my favorite Christian music songs as I move my feet to the rhythm.  I had forgotten the smile and tears that can combine with the joyfulness of my deepest being as I worship my God who created me to sing and dance and worship.


Feeling down today?  Put on your best twirly skirt, some praise and worship music and move your feet.  I guarantee you will feel a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth, a lightness in your heart and a oneness with your Creator as you praise Him with your biggest and bestest twirl!


  1. And how nice that she can experience something that so many little girls are not encouraged to experience now: femininity. I think that is to be celebrated rather than downplayed in our life. Am I always dressed in a dress/skirt? No. But, I do embrace being a girl. :)

  2. I was going through some scrap fabic given to me by my mom - earlier this evening. I got to think about making up some "new" dresses for Aubrey. Here's why...

    On Sunday -getting ready for church. I noticed her holding up her ruffled skirt and smiling (she didn't really twirl) but I knew she was thrilled. I'll have to remember to teach her how to twirl as I once did myself. Thanks for the memory, Jenn. :)

  3. This reminds me so much of my Gracie. She used to love wearing dresses every single day. Beautiful post.

  4. wouldn't we all be less stressed if we took this advice and applied it everyday.

    Thanks Jenn~

  5. Ya'll know how I love to dance!!! I hope you the song goes!

    Your little Twinkle Toes is just precious. Ahhh, to dance that free, as a child. We grow up too fast baby!

    God bless ya and have a fun and twirly day sweetie!!!

  6. Thanks for the reminder. We all need a little dance in our life. God bless.

  7. I loved standing over our heater vent and watching my night gown billow it was magical. We all need to dance and remember the magic!

  8. I have the same memories. Twirly skirts, there's nothing better!
    In the church that I grew up in, there was a huge heater vent up behind the pastor's pulpit and my best friend and I would go up there before and after church if the furnace was running. The hot air blowing out of that big vent would make our dresses poof out and we would giggle and laugh the whole time. I love those memories. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

  9. Hey girl!
    LONG TIME... new blog. Visit when ya can. :)

    Your little one has grown so much.

  10. Skipping has a similar effect. Just try to skip without smiling.

  11. We also love dancing around the room! In fact the boys think my kitchen is the dance floor & evening will often find us with music on dancing around the kitchen. I think all girls enjoy twirly skirts - they are so much fun!

    Hope you have a great weekend

  12. I love to dance around the kitchen and see the surprised look on my children's faces as they see their uptight mom loosen up a little!


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