Sunday, November 21, 2010

Almost Heaven~ Book Review


Almost Heaven by Chris Fabry focuses on the life of Billy Allman. A man born and raised in the hills of West Virginia.  Billy’s life is met with many trials and sprinkling of what seem to be only small triumphs, but God has a plan. Even though his life may seem insignificant to those around him, God feels otherwise and sends the angel Malachi to watch over and protect him.

This was a great book.  I read it in three evenings, staying up way to late, because I couldn’t put it down.  Chris Fabry has a gift for painting with words.  There were many times throughout the book when I was just deeply impressed by his ability to describe and inform in a truly amazing way.

I believe every life has hidden songs that hang by twin threads of music and memory.  I believe in the songs that have never been played for another soul.  I believe they run between the rocks and along the creekbeds of our lives These are songs that cannot be heard by anything but the soul.  They sometimes run dry or spill over the banks until we find ourselves wading through them. (page 3)

Another intriguing facet of this book was that not only did you get Billy Allman’s perspective, but also the perspective of his protecting angel Malachi.  Through out the book the chapters will alternate between what Billy is thinking, doing and feeling and then you get to see Billy through the perspective of his protecting angel. 

Although I found this book a bit predictable in parts and bit over the top in some of the trials and drama towards the end. I still recommend it as a very good read.  One you probably won’t be able to put down. 


**This book was provided by Tyndale Publishers. In no way was I compensated for my opinion on this book.


  1. I loved this book! My favorite fiction of 2010!

  2. The book sounds like an excellent read but all I want to do is turn into John Denver and start singin' "Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.... Sorry, ya know how easy it is to set me off in song!!! I have no self control!

    Thanks for the great book review. I'm puttin' it on my winter readin' list.

    God bless and enjoy this week sweetie!!!

  3. thanks for the great book review! i came
    over from 'at the well', because i enjoyed
    your thanksgiving piece so much.

    happy thanksgiving!


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