Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ode to Tim the Tom



Tim, it was in your favor that you displayed an unusual growth on your chest.

When all your pen mates went to the butcher you were set free.

You were left to roam the yard.

We figured you would wander away with the flocks of wild turkeys that pass by our house.

Yet you stayed.

You became one of the family.

When anyone was outside you followed along like a faithful dog.

You hobbled close by with your crooked toed foot, giving you a unique gait.

A source of smiles, giggles and entertainment you were.

Sad was the day when your growth went away.

Grandpa, the veterinarian, said it was probably just caused from a peck or irritation on the chest bone.

Your fate was sealed.

We put it off as long as we could.

No one really wanted to see you go.

Yet, it was another mouth to feed and a cold hard winter seemed unfair to one unaccustomed to the wild.

So it is with sad regret, but with a knowing heart of right, you will grace our table.

I think it best not to tell your children pals who is set before them on their plates.

But, I do thank you for your service in nourishing my children.

You will be remember with fond memories in years to come.

Except for the poop you left in our garage, in a metal coffee can(don’t ask!), and on our deck.

That we can certainly do without!



All children in this story were quite okay with the eating of this turkey.  No trauma or drama ensued! In fact one certain boy is quite content that he won’t have to chip ice out of the turkey’s water dish any more!


  1. Oh how funny!
    I love it! The circle of life is well demonstrated!
    Happy T-day week-end to you all!

  2. LOVE this! I hope to raise turkeys in a few years too. :)

    I can't believe you had a turkey, and ate it for thanksgiving!
    My boys would protest, for sure--we are known to have weak stomachs around here.
    I would be a lot thinner if I had to see and get attached to the animals before eating them!
    Too funny-
    Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope Tim was tasty...

  4. Wow, you raised your own turkey for Thanksgiving? I'm super impressed! I bet it tasted good!

  5. Too funny! I bet he was tasty! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Very funny! I'm sure he was delicious!!

  7. funny....

    We ate one that was home-raised, too. I don't think s/he was named - although it did way about 36 lbs.

    Good eatin. Smoked on a homemade fire pit. Yummmy.

  8. that is the proverbial dilemma of every
    farm family. my dad tells of the heart
    break of having to kill his pet pigs, etc.

    i'm glad your children handled it so well.
    my children didn't even know where our
    food came from!!!! :)

    merry Christmas!

    that's the first time i've written it!!


  9. how creative you are. RIEP (Rest in Eaten peace) Mr Tim.

    Jenn, you need to come back to the EO for the giveaways this week because you are going to get lots of extra entries. Don't forget. That's how we're honoring your heart for Bead for Life, for taking the time to go make a purchase. Thank you! There are giveaways on both my site and Allison's through Friday. You can use your extra entries on whichever giveaway you'd like. I hope that makes sense. If not, email me and I'll let you know :)

    I'm so thrilled for Bead for Life. I SO hope this brings them loads of help. Thank you so much for being a part of that that!


  10. Yep, my daddy always told me never name anything your gonna to eat but I did as a kid and still do as a farm chick. Matter of fact the last beef that were had fed and graced our kids freezers were named 'Fat' and 'Sassy'. A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do! Heeehehehehe!

    Just nothin' like 'farm livin'.

    God bless you sweetie and have a great week!!! :o)

  11. LOL - I think kids are good that way - ours had no problems with eating "lamby-poo & cocoa" when we had them butchered! In fact they would talk about which one they were eating!
    Hope he was tasty & served your family well!
    Have a nice day

  12. my vegetarian heart just melted. ;)


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