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Simply Saturday



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When I was 15-years-old, before I could join the church our family was attending, the deacons and the pastor had some questions for me. I clearly remember them asking me what my favorite verse was. At that time I didn’t favor one verse over the next. I didn’t have much use for God in my self-centered teenage heart.

I could have just used the old stand by of John 3:16, but for some reason I began scanning through the Psalms and found Psalm 86:11. It was as good as any, so I chose that as my “favorite” verse.

This little story doesn’t seem so amazing until you realize a few things.

At that point in my life I had NO desire to live for the Lord. I was just going through the motions, because that was what was expected of me. I chose that verse because in my mind it sounded “good”. It really wasn’t my favorite, because I didn’t have one.

What amazes me is that I remember sitting in that back room so clearly. That I remember that verse that in my mind didn’t really mean a whole lot to me.  Now 23 years later I can see how God was right there with me in that room even though I didn’t know it.

Psalm 86:11 and the verses that follow hold more and more truths for me as I draw nearer to the Lord. It is my hearts desire to know God’s ways. I want a deep, unfathomable connection with my Savior. My desire for an intense relationship with my Lord increases daily as I pursue Him. It has become my heart’s cry that I may know His ways.

I have been hit hard with God wanting me to have an undivided heart. And so I am laying down my blogging for a season.


I know the Lord doesn’t want me to stop writing. It is how I communicate with Him. It is how I pour my heart out to Him. But, he does want me to put aside my blogging for now. It has become a distraction and way too consuming.

I am learning so much. Yearning, stretching, reaching, longing for more of my God. May I give him and undivided heart so that He can teach me His good and perfect ways.


****I would like your opinion on Simply Saturdays. Here are the options…1) Someone else could host Simply Saturdays until I come back to blogging or 2) No Simply Saturday until I return. What do you think?  And are any of you interested in hosting? Please leave me a comment today and let me know what you think.

Now let’s see what you all came up with….


  1. Wow, I read this with tearful eyes...God was so working in you even as a young teen. I love it when verses are just 'given' to us. I hear your heart, and I understand...I have relaxed so much on my blogging, and have stuck to only posting 2 times a week and now maybe less. With spring here, I have the desire to be free from the computer and in turn my family benefits. It's always a feeling of peace when God gently speaks to us...I will miss you girl, I pray that you will find a happy medium when you come back to us...keep in touch.

  2. Your post earlier this week has really made me do something serious thinking about how I spend my time. I am going to be doing some rearranging of how I schedule my days so God and my family get the best of it.

    That being said, if people would like to continue Simply Saturday (I've thoroughly enjoyed doing it and reading others' posts) I would consider hosting it until you are ready to take it over again.

    I will miss you Jenn, but I'm excited about what this time away will mean for you.

  3. My precious friend...I *love* your heart! You are a blessing to me. May the LORD give you wisdom and grace and strength to do all HE calls you by day! I will be missing you...but I DO understand! I will be praying for you...come back when the LORD HIS way and time...

    Much Love,

  4. You're faith story sounds eerily similar to my own. I would relate to the going through the motions...

    Mixed motives. Following expectations, etc.

    Thanks for all your recent comments and again - I'll miss you on here. But I'll be praying that the Lord would restore you...renew you... revive you. Will be waiting to hear from you again - you with your Country Girl Ramblings. :)

  5. You may never know what a blessing you are to our family.

    In a world of "unreal" you are the real deal Jenn.

    Love YOU!!!

  6. I haven't been good about posting a Simply Saturday each week, but I really think it's a beautiful project. I hope someone else will be able to "care for it" until you come back, but I definitely can relate to a calling to step away from the computer and into real life more, too (something I'm struggling with right now, too, which is why I won't offer to host it!). I'll look forward to your return and pray that your time away will be blessed.

  7. I do hope that SS can continue - while I am new to adding my own tidbits, I have enjoyed reading others. You are wonderful!

  8. it's hard to pick a favorite verse. of course, i have trouble picking a favorite anything. ;)

    you will be missed, but i completely understand!

  9. I recently felt the same call to step away from blogging. It was also consuming too much of my time. It's funny that you're feeling the same thing. I recently posted a similar explanation to my readers and I added a very good article titled, "My children taught me it's time to stop blogging." I think you would enjoy reading it. Thanks for your wonderful writing and photos. I shared your site with my readers and some of them have become followers. I wish you the best. Danelle

  10. Oh I can definitely relate to having a time off blogging - sometimes I disappear for a week or two just because I need a break! I hope you have a wonderful time off & look forward to your return

  11. Linked from Keith's photography blog.

    Good post. And I like the Bible verse in the picture. Did you take that?

  12. Yes, Warren I did! Thanks for your comment!

  13. I like it. Care if I use it on my blog (Family Fountain) and link credit back here? I like pics like this to spruce it up.

  14. Warren, thank you for asking. I don't mind if you use it on your blog as long as you link it back to my blog. Please use it only on your blog and not for any personal use. Thanks!

  15. what a great testimonie. God is so good.


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