Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Mr. Hollywood was sharpening his typing skills last week when he entered this title for a blog post. I know! He’s on fire, right! I just can’t seem to stop him! It seriously may be time for him to get his own blog!

Anyway, I had visions of this snappy, cute little post to match his amazing title, but then last week happened. Leaving us saying,


We were getting ready to go on a little trip. A last hurrah before my ever popular hubby had to head back to work. The boys and I were finishing up some school and Joel was at the doctor’s getting his stitches out.

My youngest son happened to glance out the window (really not by chance since he is my sky gazer during school hours) and he saw the neighbors Great Dane in our yard.  I sent my oldest out to shoo him on home.

I began to wonder what was the matter, since the shooing process seemed to be taking longer than usual. Then my son burst through the door saying there was a black dog in our rabbit barn.  He couldn’t get the dog out, because every time we walked in the barn the dog growled fiercely at him.  I quickly threw on a coat and ran to the barn where I saw a dog crouched under one of the rabbit hutches baring his teeth at me. He growled the sort of growl that makes your skin crawl and your gut roll.

Long story short, the dog eventually came out and we were able to go in.  Sadly it was not a pretty scene.  Our newly bought Mini Rex buck’s (just 4 months old) feet were chewed up severely and he had either a broken hip or a broken back.  Our dear friend Charlie (also a Mini Rex) was completely missing one of her back legs. One of our Californians had a broken back. Others had minor nibbles and missing nails.  When it was all said and done we had to put three of our bunnies down.

There were a lot of WHYS!!!!???? that day.

A lot of anger.  A lot of tears.

And a perfect moment to teach.

That day provided me the opportunity to teach that it is okay to be angry. Even Jesus was angry. But, it is not okay to let our anger harm others or ourselves.

I was able to teach the importance of forgiveness. Even though we were upset over the death and wounds inflicted upon our rabbits, we needed to forgive our neighbors. It wasn’t their intention to harm our livestock.

It provided another opportunity for teaching the importance of being responsible for the animals in our care.

This day was the perfect opportunity for us to shine for Jesus. In all honesty, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do this perfectly at all times through this drama, but thank goodness my kids are good at listening to my apologies (sheepish grin inserted here)!

In the end, our neighbor came down, apologized and offered to pay for our loses.  Joel accepted their apology and thanked them for the offer of money but refused it.  I guess what touched me so much is the fact that our neighbor was profusely sorry and kept mentioning how sorry he was especially after all we had done to help them out recently. You see his wife has MS and his granddaughter (7) who also lives there with her parents has stage 4 cancer.  We have helped out where we can, showing God’s love and praying for them daily.  With the damage to our rabbits, God had provided an awesome opportunity for us to share the Lord Jesus Christ with them. 

Even though that day left us saying WHY, it taught so much! Isn’t that so much like God!


  1. So sorry to hear about Charlie and the others! Love you guys!

  2. I seem to say this a lot, but it's what comes to mind... Bless your hearts! Sad, indeed, for everyone involved, but what an opportunity to extend grace to your neighbors. It sounds like they are in need of God's hand, extended. "Why" sounds like an appropriate response. (((hugs)))

  3. How sad! And yet, encouraging too, that you were able to turn such a situation into an opportunity to bless someone and show them Jesus.

  4. You turned such a terrible moment into such a beautiful lesson - a lesson we all could stand to learn. Sometimes it's so hard to realize the "why", and sometimes we'll never know. It's comforting to know that our Heavenly Father has the answers to all our "why's".

    Great post!

  5. Oh, Jenn, I am so very sorry! We have had wild critters and new neighbors' dogs attack our chickens, and it is never a pretty sight. The first time, we all took it pretty hard, but in the two times following, we were "tougher", but still moved.
    I agree with everything you said, and pray that this teaching experience doesn't come again for a loooooong while!

  6. aww, I'm sad for your family regarding the rabbits, BUT how awesome is God to bring good from it! Showing love between neighbors, great lessons for your children, and another chance for you and your husband to practice forgiveness and giving grace. Showing Jesus to your children through your actions. They will always remember that.

  7. Oh my goodness! How sad. What a life lesson though. Good job Mama/Teacher.

  8. I'm just stopping by to say hello! You popped by my blog from Emily's. You have a BEAUTIFUL family and a an awesome blog. Seriously. I'm way to distracted now about what I should be doing instead of blogging:)

  9. So sorry to hear about what happened. How wonderful that you chose to use this as a teaching moment. Who knows how Christ will use this later on.

  10. I am so happy the way you rose above all that is emotionally human and shined the love of Jesus upon your neighbors and the horrific situation. What a wonderful example to set before your kiddos!

    I am so very sorry it all happened.

    God bless ya and have a peaceful day sweetie! :o)

  11. Having a 4H rabbit I can feel your pain in having to put down a few of your pets. But sounds like it was a great way to teach. What a sweet story.

  12. Wow! Kind of makes me think about the verses I just read, this evening, in Matthew 5.

    What a life lesson and memory made...

    You'll never know how that act of forgiveness displayed will leave an impact on your neighbors.

  13. mercy,
    first...It's POSITIVE that Mr. Hoolywood needs to get his own blog, or perhaps rent a space from you here on yours.
    He may need a tab up top or a click to the side:
    {A Country Boy's Ramblings}
    {Mr. Hollywood's Ramblings}

    I want to say, what a beautiful post this is. Not beautiful that your sweet little friends are gone, but...
    the teaching your provided in a time like this. You've shed a light on things for me as well here and gently reminded me of the forgivness our Lord gives us and that we need to be teaching these things to our children. You are a good mama with a heart of gold.

    {love your new Etsy items;)
    I've added more from your shop to my favorites;)

  14. Your son's forgiveness is a testiment of the beautiful job you are doing as parents. Keep up the good work!

  15. Thank you ladies for all these heartfelt comments!

    Heather, the bad thing was not only were these our pets, but they were are breeding stock and one we had recently just paid a pretty price for.

  16. Oh, Jenn ~ I'm so sorry about your bunnies! I have tears in my eyes reading this but not because of the bunnies but because of what a wonderful example you and and your family were of Christ's love. What a blessing you have been to this family; you can be assured a seed is planted! And, as you said, what a great learning experience for your children...even if it meant the loss of your sweet bunnies!

  17. Sounds like a great learning opportunity, albeit a painful one. You did good, Jenn!

  18. oh jenn, i'm so sorry. what a tragic experience, but awesome job on making it a learning experience for everyone!

  19. You amaze me you know...
    you can take such an awful tragedy and turn it into a teachable moment, just like that. What a blessing you are to your sweet babes, and to me for witnessing God's grace. Love ya girl!

  20. I am so sorry to hear about this - & what a wonderful mother you are using it as a teaching moment!
    Hope you can replace your losses soon.


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