Saturday, April 2, 2011

Simply Saturday~ 04/02



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I love old, antique, floral teacups! 


I don’t actually drink tea out of them, since when I’m having tea I like a big ole’ mug full, but I do love to place them around the house.  I have one on top of a stack of old books. Another I have placed on one of my shelves of my Hoosier cabinet. Two more grace the ends of a shelf.  I just tuck them in here and there for a touch of antique-femininity! 

I’m thinking a tea party with my daughter, using these “fancy” cups would be right up her alley.  We could put on pretty dresses, lay a lovely blanket in the grass, make up some edibles and invite a few dollies and her brothers to join us for a beautiful spring time tea!

I think we’ll just have to do this! But, not until we get temps that are above the 40’s!  This momma doesn’t relish the idea of a cold, uncomfortable tea time!

What did you find in your home this week that spoke of simplicity?


  1. That's a beautiful tea cup! I also love have different tea cups, mostly sitting in a hutch. About 10 years ago, I threw a tea party for grown ladies and we used all the tea much fun. I'm thinking it's time to have another one. Wish you could come!

  2. Seriously now, I wanna dress up in an old vintage lace dress and come lay on that blanket with you guys, and I'll bring the little girl too! We love, love, love that idea!
    One of her gifts for tomorrow is a tea set!
    Oh doesn't that just sound so dreamy! All girl that's for sure!
    Have a wonderful, wonderful week-end Jenn!

  3. That's just a beautiful shot of that antique tea cup. My Granny Walden had some just like that. She had quite an array of china and tea cups to have afternoon tea parties out on the old porch swing when I was a little chicklet!!! :o)

    God bless and have a terrific weekend sweetie!!!

  4. I love teacups. I love tea. I inherited my grandmother's cup and saucer collection and every year my daughter and I get them out for a mother/daughter tea party with her friends and their mothers. It is truly a special time.

  5. Love that tea cup! Beautiful shot Jenn!

  6. Okay, now I find out we both drink our tea out of big ol mugs!!?? Come on, girlfriend, seriously? I think my favorite tea cup (mug) holds at least 12-14 oz!

    You simply have to drive over here some day this Spring with those children of yours and spend the day drinking tea out of mugs and then lattes out of mugs, and just hang out and talk!! Please? ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Relentlessly Pursuing

  7. I collect tea things! Pretty cups and pots are favorite things of mine. Your cup is beautiful!

    We haven't had a tea party in a long time, and your post made me want to do one again soon.

  8. So pretty!! I collect teacups/teapots as well...although I too drink my tea out of mugs rather than teacups! :)

    Didn't have a chance to get a shot to link up this weekend because I was out, but I plan to next weekend!

  9. Pretty capture of a pretty tea cup. I love antique dishes and things.

  10. I love antique tea cups too. Sometimes I do drink tea out of them. My grandmother left me her red berry pattern china. When I drink tea out of one of those cups, I always remember her.


  11. Oh what a beautiful photo!

    {sorry I missed this weekend too:(


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