Friday, August 26, 2011

Precious Littleness

I want to grab it up, hold it close and never let it go.  But, try as I might time moves on and littleness stretches, changes and yearns for big.




Fingers and toes grow, losing their dimples.  Chubby cheeks and thighs slim.   Dependence fades and independence claims its place.


sis hair-w

I’m not yielding yet!  I still have such a deep longing to hold that precious littleness close. Bury it deep in my heart and memory.  Spending quiet moments letting it soak deep into my soul. 


sis and me

You are my forever girl and I’m your forever Momma. I treasure our moments, your smile, dimples and striking blue eyes. I cherish your giggles, your imagination, your sweet little girl smell, your desire to help me around the house, garden and kitchen.



Our days are filled with so much lately.  But, even in the midst of the busyness there are times for hugs, smiles and laughter.  We find moments. We cling to them. We are grateful for them. 

As I type, you are beautifying me. Placing myriads of your barrettes into my hair.  Then you are down and running. And I’m stopping to watch you as you practice your twirls.

These moments, these precious times, these are what I don’t want to lose. My heart aches. I know there are good things to come. I see them in your brothers, but I also know the things that are gone and no longer, that I use to share with them.

When I look at you I don’t ever want to let go. I want you to fit into my arms as you do right now. I want to always have you run to me when you are in need.  I want you to climb into my lap for stories. And I don’t ever want you to stop wrapping your arms around me and planting your sweet, little lips on mine.




Oh Lord, you have blessed me with such a precious gift. Thank you from all that is within me!  May I cherish the moments of now, the moments of yesterday, and the moments to come, with your wonderful, beautiful child.


  1. Yes. I like your closing sentence. Our children really are God's children. And even though some days can feel so long, the years do seem short.

    What a great reminder for me to soak up these days. Sometimes I get bogged down by all the needs that 2 3 1/2 year olds generate!

  2. oh, the back of their neck with the tiny
    curls! i miss that so much.

    tonight my husband meets with his baby's
    potential boyfriend. how time flies!

  3. Making me cry on this one....
    Squeeze tight mama...squeeze with all of your might!
    How beautiful is she?
    Such a striking resemblance to the one who bore her, I would say.

    Sometimes as my two little boys, with dancing eyes and infectious smiles, shine their sweet little light on me...I beg God, BEG Him to leave it like this forever!
    Or at the very least, make my eye the lens and my head the camera, with my heart holding the memory of it all forever!
    This post was so spot on my friend~
    I feel everything you said in my soul tonight.

  4. So sweet! I love the picture of her at the piano!

  5. Your little one is so sweetly beautiful. It must be the time of year that they grow faster or maybe it's the time of year we reflect on it more... either way, it's nice to have another mom to relate to. You expressed the sentiments of my heart beautifully. And stunning photos, too. :)

  6. What a sweet and beautifully written post dear friend!

  7. you are making me drip tears onto my screen.

    Oh my, it makes me want to go wake my baby and hold her tight.

    This is so beautiful Jenn. Your sweet mama heart shines through in this post.

    the best part of all is that even as hard as it is to let them grow up, you are praising God.

    And our Lord is well pleased with this.

    Love You!


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