Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt~ 09/11

This weeks items:  Bokeh, Process of Elimination, Remember, Statues, Flying High





Process of Elimination


Exploring with a camera


I remember after 9-11 how everyone hung flags from their houses and how everyone was so very proud to say that they were American.  I remember how our nation pulled together and how talk of God became more prominent. The statement “One Nation Under God” didn’t seem to bother anyone at that point in time.

We are still that same nation.  A nation under God and I pray that this beautiful nation of ours will always remember that.  Because God is the LOVE that binds the wounds caused by damaging sin.

As we think today about the horrible tragedy that occurred 10 years ago I will be we sharing with my children the importance of this country of ours.  How we pulled together in the face of tragedy.  How love became more important than hate. And how love will always win over hatred! And then I will remind them of the Beauty. And the Freedom.  And the Patriotism that makes up this grand ole’ country called the U.S.A.



paperheart camera



Out in the rural area where I live statues are obsolete and since I didn’t have time to head into a city that sports real statues this week, I opted for this “country” statue.


antiqued silo-1


Flying High

It has rained continually all week. I waited until the last minute to try to capture something flying high, but everything around here seems to be grounded.  So, I had to grab a photo that I took from last week.  A flyer….who at the moment wasn’t flying and I was super happy that he sat and posed for me!



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  1. Seriously, lovely photos! The dragonfly is equisite.

  2. Love your collection again! Beautiful!

  3. You continue to amaze me! I love your application on the Remember photo. Just exquisite, all of them!

  4. Beautiful post. My top two faves are your bokeh and dragonfly (such pretty light on its wings).

  5. Your pictures are so crisp and clear, stunning! I love your process of elimination shot and statue!

  6. These are all just so wonderfu. Hard to pick out a fav. But I will say your bokeh is breathtaking.


  7. Lovely work! Your process of elimination photo is beautiful, thank you so much for linking it in!

  8. Love the dragonfly and the flowers! Stunning images!!

  9. Oh these are all so beautiful. The bokeh orange flowers are catch-my-breath awesome and your dragonfly is so crystal clear. Have a great week ahead.

  10. Amazing.. Every single one of them..

  11. Beautiful collection of photos! Your flower photos are stunning and I don't think I've ever seen a red dragonfly before. Really wonderful photos.

  12. Mouth dropping beautiful work this week - love love love this set!

  13. Your first two shots are wonderful

  14. Oh, I love these! The bokeh, the process of elimination, and the dragonfly--all so gorgeous! Love your comments on remembering--and the photo!

  15. You know my friend, your photos are ALWAYS gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing God's amazing creation in such beautiful ways.

    Love to you!

  16. Clever take on "statues"! Not sure what I could have come up with for that one either. Love the detail in the dragonfly wings.

  17. Would LOVE it if you would share your pics at my photo swap going on right now!! (Sunday party)

  18. Beautiful photos. That dragon fly is perfect! Love that flag too! Lovely.


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