Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To My Tud


I know at times you do not relish this nickname that your little sister bestowed upon you when she was first learning to talk.  And yes, it has lent itself to a few other nicknames such as Tuddy Bear and Tudilicious.  Hearing your sister call you Tuddy Bear sometimes rubs you the wrong way, but Oh, my dear, these names fit you so well.




You are as sweet and cuddly as a teddy bear.  You have a tender heart for all those around you and all living things.  Your hugs are so gentle and genuine.  And those deep brown eyes, SIGH, so full of tenderness and love. 

Most recently you have told us you desire to be a pastor when you grow up.  With that tender heart that beats within your chest I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. If this is truly what the Lord has for you, my momma heart will be full of joy.  I would love nothing better than to see you serving the Lord by leading others to Christ. 



Ten came to visit and stay this past week.  You are growing and changing into an amazing young man.  I see more independence working its way into your life. Yet, you still have the best, most contagious belly laugh!  I love to see your eyes light up in laughter and hear you giggle until you can’t breathe!  I can’t help but, smile and laugh along.  You still love to hug me, snuggle next to me on the couch, and hold my hand.  You are good for my heart and soul, my dear, sweet boy.

In this coming year of all things ten, I pray that you will continue to grow in your love for the Lord.  I pray that you will retain your compassion and tender heart.  And I pray that you will continue to serve in love, share Christ with others, and be just who God created you to be.

You have my heart, dear one.  I love you!




  1. Happy 10th birthday, Tud! :o) I love the nickname. It might be annoying now, but it'll be something sweet he'll know came from his little sister later. He's such a cutie pie, and I love that he's still okay with cuddling with his momma. :o) I hope my Lexie never loses that. Or at least not before she's 25. ;o)

  2. What a tender handsome man you have there sweetie!!!

    Your proudness of this young man of God comes through loud and clear...as it should!

    God bless and have a wonderful day celebratin' Tad's ten and I hope he get all the cake his heart desires! :o)

  3. I'm guessing that smirk in the last photo speaks volumes about him too. Happy Birthday!

  4. Such a gorgeous boy! He does exude sweetness. Hope you had a happy day celebrating another boy in the double digits!

  5. What SWEET love letters you write to your children on their birthdays my friend. PRECIOUS!! Happiest of Birthdays to your ten year old young man!!



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