Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt~ 11/13

This weeks items: Before & After, Opposing Lines, Custom Bokeh, Which Pair of Shoes Should I Wear, and Little Features


Before & After

I like to get it right in camera, but obviously this time my metering of her face was off and my focus was a bit soft.  Definitely not spot on like I want it to be. So here is my edit.


Opposing Lines

fence post-blk & wht-w

Exploring with a camera

Custom Bokeh

custom bokeh-1


Which Pair of Shoes Should I Wear?

Boots, of course!

sis at pond


Little Features

little features-w





Linked up with Ashley:

scavenger hunt


  1. These are lovely photos. Love the little features one.

  2. These are stunning! Love your opposing lines and little features, it's so soft and delicate!

  3. Gorgeous photos! That last one is so precious...those eyelashes!

  4. These are all splendid. Wow, those are opposing lines for so many reasons, great interpretation. Happy Sunday.

  5. Absolutely love your little features shot! They are all great though. Excellent job.

  6. AH-MAZING!!! All of them. Love your edit and bokeh shot. Oh, and those eyelashes! (Jealous!) I am a sucker for eyelash shots ;D

  7. So pretty! Love Little Features and your Custom Bokeh shot!

  8. All so great! Those eyelashes are so yummy!

  9. This entire set is gorgeous - I love how you made your first shot pop.

  10. Gorgeous photos! I love your little features and excellent edit!

  11. Cool lines in that shot! Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera!

  12. WOW- your bokeh & little features are FABULOUS

  13. Bokeh, Features, Lines...AMAZING! Great set this week!

  14. i know you are a fabulous photographer,
    but i think i could even make that
    little angel look beautiful.

  15. Fantastic set, I love your lines, awesome textures too! Little features is so adorable, love it! Your daughter is so cute in before/after, I think you have a beautiful model there.

  16. beautiful pix, as always. what's your go-to edit? lens? my christmas wish list? new lenses! ;)

  17. Lovely, lovely photos!! You are so gifted ( I'm sure I write that each post, but it's true!!). I wish I could come & get some lessons from you.
    Hope you have a wonderful day

  18. Ya simply can't beat the beautiful pictures of your little long lashed princess but I do adore that old barbed wire fence post pic.

    Must be the Farm Chick in me!

    God bless and have a marvelous day sweetie!!! :o)

  19. You are such a great photographer! Wow! I love the last b&w! Just precious. I'd love it if you would link up to my weekly photo party, Oh Snap!shots of the week. It's going on now and a new party begins every Friday.


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