Thursday, November 3, 2011

Remembering Prince Charming

When your young and in love every thing is bubbles and rainbows.  There is no bad or annoying or weird little quirks about the man you love.  He’s perfect.  He’s adorable.  You have the “little girl with a kitty syndrome” you want to just love him and squeeze him and kiss him all over.

Then some where out of the blue real life sets in and before you know it what was so perfect and adorable becomes flawed and annoying. Life isn’t all bubbles and rainbows and you aren’t walking 10 feet off the ground.  Instead you’ve hit the pavement with a resounding thud.  Instead of loving and squeezing that kitten of a man that you married you would rather stick out your tongue at him and lash him with a few choice words….

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  1. "Like the loud roar of snore that kept me awake half the night", said the bloodshot eyed wonder!!!! Heeehehe!!!

    Yeah, those little thing we thought were soooo adorable seem to gnaw on our last nerve sometimes.

    ....but then we get over it and love 'em more than ever!!!

    Great read sweetie.

    God bless and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!!

  2. Great reminder. I was just reading an article in a homeschooling magazine and it was talking about us being "That Girl", the one he fell in love with. We are both so different, but we still should try to be "That Girl" or "That Boy" for each other, remembering why we fell in love. Good stuff here!

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