Sunday, February 12, 2012

At the Last Minute

I had decided since I had been sick half of the week I wasn’t going to do the Scavenger Hunt this week. But, then Saturday dawned beautiful and sunny!  I just couldn’t resist. 

This weeks items:  Facial Feature, Shadow, Spicy, Gold, Fabric


Facial Feature

Last Sunday she lost her first tooth! Oh goodness, she’s growing up so quickly.

first missing tooth-w



Early morning….Brrrr!  I braved 20 degree temps for this shot. Honestly I was going to look for some super cool shadows, but it was just too cold.  I took three shots of this scene then scooted my booty back into the warm house!

winter morning shadows



Turmeric, Chili powder, Garam Masala







I love making these little fabric birds from leftover scraps of fabric that my sisters send my way.

fabric birds


Linked up with Ashley:

scavenger hunt


  1. LOVE your facial feature, the eyes are strikingly beautiful!
    Ooooh I want those little birds! I LOVE them!

  2. Great shots. I love your shadow shot - so you didn't need to go a step further:)

  3. Hi!
    Great shots! Love those shadows and the little birds, cute. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. Love your spices and gold shots!

  5. Good Morning, nice set your shadow shot looks a lot like mine. Love your little fabric birds.

  6. ahh sweet, sweet, line-up. Your little one with the missing tooth is so precious!!

  7. Cool fabric birds! I also really like the way you photographed the spices. Pretty blue eyes in your first shot too! Great job!

  8. Oh my...those are some gorgeous eyes your daughter has...but the gap in her smile is such a priceless memory you've captured. I hope you frame that one!


  9. These are great - I especially love those crochet hooks.

  10. Good for you for toughing it out to get a good shot! You must have been freezing! Our temps got into the teens this week! That is very unusual for us! And I spent it inside, hiding under a blanket. ;o)

    Those little fabric birds are adorable! You're so resourceful!

  11. Another beautiful set Jenn - really love that first shot.

  12. hoping you are all better now...beautiful photos!

  13. Loving your photography style, Jenn. So clean and crisp. Beautiful collection. :)

  14. I bet your precious little blue eyes would count a 'spicy' too! She is just soooo cute. I see that permanent tooth there, It'll be in before ya know it.

    Your other pictures are just beautiful sweetie. I'm turnin' pea green with envy here.

    God bless ya and have a terrific week sweetie!!! :o)

  15. I always love your scavenger hunts, you so awesome work Jenn!

  16. Thank you for posting these! What a cool idea! Definitely gonna try to link up with this! :) (Thanks for joining up on my page, too! :D )

  17. Eeeeeeek! I love the little birds. You should sell them in your etsy shop (if you don't already).

  18. all I want to know is why on earth aren't those birds on etsy?!!!!

    and fyi, I'm claiming verses this week and even wrote one on my kitchen window in magic marker!
    you've inspired me since our last email chat:)

  19. I always love stopping by and seeing your awesome pictures. Feel better soon!

  20. Great set, all wonderful! Your daughter's adorable and I love those fabric birds, just gorgeous!


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