Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Don’t Make It a Big Deal

****meant to have this post up a couple of days ago, but our internet was down. Hoping to catch up with all of you this weekend.****

We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day. This year I was just going to let it pass right by and not give it another thought.

My daughter had other plans.

Two weeks before the day even arrived she began making heart cards for all her family members, the widowed, elderly neighbor ladies, her dance teacher, her Sunday School teacher and anyone else who popped into her mind.

I still wasn’t going to do much about the day until Joel asked me what I was doing. He pointed out how excited our daughter was about the day.  Yeah, I had realized this. How couldn’t I when she asked me daily, several times a day, how many days it was until Valentines Day. I finally gave in. If Joel noticed this, being a guy and all, I figured I better put at least a little effort into making the day special for her.

I didn’t get all crazy and go hog wild, but I did do a few things that made her pretty excited. At 7:00am she came into my room and with a sleep thick voice asked me why there were hearts all over the floor.



I had laid down a trail of hearts from her bedroom to the dining room. At the end of the trail…a pile of chocolate hearts.


v-3 v-4

v-5 v-6

I had a little help. At 6:00am this cat is ready to play.  He is nuts and my nice pile of hearts got batted all around the house.

In her room I hung up some dangling heart art in her doorway. That was a big hit.  From the looks of these pictures I’m pretty sure she needs to clean her room! She is such a master of mess.

                   v-1 v-2


On the dining table was a bit of candy fun.  And what’s better than some fun straws.  Those definitely make your juice taste better in the morning!



And to top off the morning….



Heart shaped pancakes!

And just so you know I didn’t let them eat all of the candy at once. However, I did discover that my oldest son had his all gone before he even finished his morning session of school.  Sugar Shock! Bad, bad boy.  He should of at least offered me a piece:)

SHHHH! Don’t tell! I might get arrested by the nutritional police.  :) 


  1. I so wish I'd thought to do heart-shaped pancakes!!! They are just so darn cute!

    Your cat is adorable, too. How is he just now making an appearance on your blog?

  2. You're a good momma! The only thing we accomplished was an attempt at chocolate chip cookies. Oh well, maybe next year :)

  3. This is wonderful! You made it so special!

  4. My daughter (the oldest one) always has such high expectations of holidays that I feel bad if I don't at least try to make it special for her. You did a much better job of it than I did LOL. Great job! And nutritional police aren't allowed in our homeschools. ;)

  5. Ya know ya can't get by with ignorin' Valentine's Day when ya have a precious little Princess in the house.

    Kudos for you, your a great Mama who made this day very special for little blue eyes.

    Have a blessed and beautiful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  6. it's great!

    so glad you "gave in":)

  7. How FUN! What a wonderful Mom you are Jenn! I *love* your creativity. :)

    A little note about the messy miss...

    Emma's room was ALWAYS a disaster. I was actually getting quite concerned about it...and I sought to teach a little of the art of organization to her...but, to no avail. BUT, one day (almost overnight it seemed) she *got it* and does a FABULOUS job of keeping it all neat and tidy. I don't exactly know what happened. Just wanted you to be encouraged...there is HOPE! LOL!

    Love to you!


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