Sunday, February 19, 2012

Early Arrival

Scavenger Hunt Items: Love, Duplicated, Trend, Paper, Plastic

Inspiration alluded me this week.  I shot all of these, except for the first one, yesterday morning. As you will see by the repeating background. :)  Maybe next week I’ll be able to get shots that I’m happier with.



I love anything that shouts little girl and ballet! Dance on! (archived)




This guy must have made his chrysalis on one of my potted plants last summer.  I brought some of them into my mudroom to save them for this summer and you can imagine our surprise when we saw him fluttering in the window two weeks ago.  Poor guy…he’s a a few months early.  I know he won’t make it, but I can’t help feeding him and keeping him “happy” until the end. (As for the prompt…see my orange halves…duplication!)

sulfur butterfly-w



Oh boy! I almost didn’t join in for the hunt this week because of this prompt! I know nothing about trends! I decided to go with the trend to buy and collect vintage items.




I’m pouring over my seed catalogues. I can’t wait to garden.




Polly Pockets are a big hit at our house right now!




scavenger hunt

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  1. Fun set of photos! I feel bad for your little visitor... looks like he's being fed well.

  2. These are all great, Jen! Love those vintage items! And I can relate to being uninspired. Must be because we are so looking forward to spring arriving.

    Your beautiful butterfly made me panic a little and go check our chrysalis. I haven't checked on it for a couple weeks and was worried that it may have emerged. Thankfully it is still the same. No butterfly yet.

  3. Seem's like you'll have a most pampered guest to live out it's days in your lovin' home!

    Great pics to a difficult challenge. You always come through with marvelous pics.

    God bless and have a marvelous week sweetie!!! :o)

  4. Another beautiful set - I'm really loving your first two shots.

  5. your seed catalogs were a reminder to get moving on that - love the PLASTIC - PollyPockets are pretty popular now so they could even be considered a TREND?

  6. i REALLY love the shot of the orange and the butterfly!!! I'm so glad you're keeping him happy and well-fed for awhile! :o)

  7. Love your paper shot!! I am dying to start gardening too, but it's so cold and rainy still. I did buy seeds this week though :)

    Your second and third are great pictures too. I really like the stripy background for your "trend" one.

  8. Love the duplicate photo. Such a great shot!

  9. Love your butterfly shot!! And Polly Pocket has all but taken over our home. :)

  10. Great photos! I don't know about you, but I am ALWAYS stepping on those Polly Pockets!!

  11. bring on the seed ordering mama!!!

  12. beautiful, beautiful shots, jenn. as always. ;)

  13. Love the shot of the old book, lantern and insulators... nice still life!


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