Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Homeschooling Perks

When the weekend is long, filled with extra early morning risings and a jam crammed schedule that drains everyone, this is when I sing once again the praises of homeschooling.

There is no bus to catch on Monday morning. Praise the Lord!

There isn’t a strict, must-stick-to, rising time.

There is no rush and tumble scrambling in the early morning hours.


There is grace in homeschooling.

If everyone is drained and in need of some solid sleeping in time, we can do that! If someone has a sore throat and is feeling just a bit off their game they can sleep in for as long as they want.



(Peek-a-boo! Oh…. he loves me for this! Smile)


Monday, this week, brought us just such a day.  We were ALL worn out from Easter weekend.  And a couple of the boys were recuperating for a pesky virus. There was a whole lot of nothing going on first thing in the morning.  We were all trying to get sleep rubbed out of our eyes and our brains to put coherent thoughts together. Some of us were doing better than others! I just needed to stumble my way to the coffee pot.  Hot, fragrant, liquid caffeine always gets these old brain cells firing.




We normally rise around 7:30 and have our Bible time together.  Then after breakfast and chores are taken care of we start school at 9:00.  But, here is true beauty.  There is nothing to stop us from taking it easy and not starting school until  say…10:30.

Because some days you just need to plunk away on the piano or work on your art project before you dig into 2+2!




And when the time does come to get down to it nothing warms this momma’s heart than to see her son who struggled 6 years ago to memorize his numbers helping his little sister!




I thought my heart was going to leap  right out of my chest when I saw this.  The memories of his struggle are still so fresh and prominent and I see some of them in his sister.  But, there they were, working together, him teaching her! The boy who years ago I wondered if he would ever be able to remember his numbers.  VICTORY!  He’s learning and now teaching his baby sister!  God is SO GOOD!

Homeschooling is full of grace, mercy, compassion, perseverance, hard work, companionship, and individuality!

In my mind there is nothing better!


Linking up this photo with Ashley Sisk for Tutorial Tuesday.


Double Exposure

double exposure


  1. you are so right! homeschooling has the
    BEST perks! just wait until they're all
    grown up and say, "i'm going to home
    school my kids!"

  2. Love your double exposure image - so artsy!

  3. Love how the flower texture is so subtle and the robin really stands out.

  4. Love your double exposure photo. Great job! Very true about the homeschooling perks.

  5. Very pretty double exposure. Flowers and birds. . . so right, together!

  6. There is a wonderful freedom settin' your own hours.

    Girl...that is one magnificent picture!!!

    May God richly bless your day sweetie!!!

    'Hope everybody is all healed up by now. :o)

  7. always love to stop by and live vicariously through you Jenn! you do it up well!

  8. I am in total agreement here!
    I could never go back the other way.
    I love what you said about "grace" in our home schooling.

  9. Just wish I was as brave as you. Then again, I have a granddaughter who at would not thrive at homeschool, she loves all her teachers and friends! But I can dream!

  10. Homeschooling can be a sacrifice for momma sometimes, but I love the take in this post - that homeschooling is a blessing for all most of the time!

    Hope your Easter weekend was beautiful!

  11. YES!! Yippee for Grace in the Homeschool! God is SO Good to us, isn't HE?? I *love* it that your boy was teaching your girl...what a wonderful moment to *capture*! What an encouragement I know that was!!

    Love to you!

  12. How precious! Brought tears to my eyes.

  13. Well done, cheers


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