Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scavenger Hunt~ 04/22/12

This weeks items:  Yellow, Something that makes me smile, Ancient or Antique, Splash, In the sun



Macro shot of a Dandelion




Something That Makes Me Smile

Going on a photo walk with my favorite little girl makes me smile! She loves using my old point and shoot camera. And I love that she enjoys taking photos and finding beauty in nature, just like her momma!

sis-photo walk sis-photo walk-1-w


My daughter loves these Holly Hobby dolls. My sister and I had these very same dolls when we were growing up. I was ecstatic when my M-I-L found these dolls to give to my daughter.

sis and Holly Hobby dolls




My faucet set to dripping and a blue plate placed in the bottom of my kitchen sink created this splash shot.




In the Sun

I took a bit of time one afternoon this week to take some photos of the flowers in my garden. These Forget-Me-Nots had there pretty little faces turned up towards the sun. I love these little plants! The flowers are small and dainty, just a bit more than 1/8th of an inch, but they pack a punch in the color department.




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  1. That macro of yellow is AWESOME! OMgosh I remember Holly Hobby dolls! Have a blessed week!

  2. That is the most intense macro of a dandelion I've ever seen - excellent job. My son (16) is a budding photographer and it makes me happy that we share this interest. Great group of photos for this week's hunt.

  3. those holly hobby dolls are so sweet! i loved them too as a little girl, been looking out for them for B too! oh how sweet!

  4. What a great set! How creative was your splash, I really love that one!!! :)

  5. I had those same dolls- what a special shot!

  6. I love it that your daughter is trying to be like you! So sweet! The pictures are amazing!

  7. Your pics are so vibrant. Love the detail of your splash shot! And how lucky to score such a great find with those Holly Hobby dolls!

  8. I like Forget-Me-Nots, too. Yours are beautiful!

    I think my favorite this week had to be splash. That was such a neat shot!

  9. Wonderful macro shot, and those pics of your daughter are wonderful. I remember Holly Hobby, I did one of those paint by number pics of her when I was young. Happy Sunday!

  10. I love all of these photos... Splash - the most creative. I too love the holly hobby dolls. I think we had the one with the blue bonnet, growing up. And who knew about those curly cues in the center of the dandelion. Pretty cool.

  11. Love Holly Hobby - what a beautiful nostalgic shot.

  12. Really like the color and focus on your last shot.

  13. Wonderful set.
    I almost used a Dandelion Shot for the yellow prompt. I love the little curled tendrils on yours.
    Something that Makes you Smile, How sweet that she loves to take pictures like her mom.
    Splash - That was clever and creative.
    Antique - Goodness it doesn't seem like Holly Hobbie dolls should be that old already!
    Loved your In The Sun, It's my favorite of your set.

  14. I love the yellow also!! What lens do you take macro photos with? Your photos are beautiful!

  15. Great set, and I love that you and your daughter can take joy in the same hobby! What a way to spend the day.

  16. Oh my goodness glory girl, I shall never look at a dandelion the same again. Magnificent!!!

    Now really...don't ya want to come give me lessons??? Heeehehehe!

    God bless and have a super great week sweetie!!! :o)

  17. since I have a leaky faucet ~ I should try your water trick ~ wonderful water drop shot! love the first shot too... wow! =)

  18. An aesome collection for SHS -- your little one is so cute with her dolls. :)

  19. i really enjoy your "work"...i never knew dandelions had the little curlie q's...and the water shot is great too!!!!

    God bless~

  20. oooh I love yellow - so vibrant!

  21. love them all!

    l. with her dolls!

    I've heard of those dolls, but never seen them. Now, I'm going to see if I can find one for my girls too!

  22. Oooohhhh....Holly Hobbie Dolls! How fun!!


  23. as always, your pictures are stunning. ;)


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