Monday, June 18, 2012

Memories Bursting on the Scene at 3 AM

In the past I have read that if you want to make your blog “The Best” then you should find your niche’.  If you love to cook then write a cooking blog. If it’s crafting you excel at, then write about that.  If you homeschool have a homeschooling blog, etc.  Well, I’m three and a half years into this whole blog thing and I’m pretty sure I haven’t located my niche’ yet.

If you have been reading this little ol’ blog of mine for any time then you know I jump all over the board on what I write about. 

I guess if anyone ever forced me to describe what I blog about, I would just have to say LIFE.

My blogs about life.

My life, my children’s lives, my married life, my mommy life, my homeschooling, baking, gardening, photography, my Jesus lovin’ life.

And other important life  stuff like….

At 3:15 in the morning when I am up trying to run a 328.6 MB update on my computer.  You know I “must” do it at this time, when most sane people are sleeping, because this is when I can download without it eating up my download allowance for the day, cuz I only get a certain amount from the company that we have our internet through .(How’s that for a fantastic run-on sentence written from a sleepy brain that should really be sleeping!) It is at this time when a whole new blog post pops into my head, about my life.   Really what else is there to do while you lay on the loveseat waiting on the computer to do it’s thing?

As I laid down on the loveseat that used to be my mom and dad’s and actually was the loveseat that was in the living room of my parents house when I was growing up, a funny memory popped into my head.

It was Christmas 1980-something and there was unbridled excitement surging through the living room of my parents home.  My sisters and I had been up probably since dark-30 and you can only lay on your back ohhhing and awwwwing at the Christmas lights and trying hard not to stare at all the presents, just in case by some slim chance you might guess what was wrapped up inside before you even got to open it, which would in turn ruin the surprise factor.

At 6:00 AM one of us tip-toed into my parents room to wake them up.

It always seemed an eternity before they finally made it into the living room.  As a mom, I now know why.  There are important things to do like bathroom visits and coffee and well when you get old you just move slower.

If I remember properly, my younger sister and I were sitting on the floor. 

And this next part, I know I remember exactly.

My mom began handing out presents and there was lots of excitement in that room.

My oldest sister was sitting on the fashionable burnt orange love seat.  And she was bouncing.  She was so full of Christmas joy she couldn’t contain herself; she was giddy, my friends!

In the midst of wrapping paper and squeals of joy, my mom began looking for the camera.

It was nowhere to be found.

A halt was called on all unwrapping.  A camera search was mounted.

It didn’t take long to discover it.  For as my sister stood up from her perch on the love seat we found the lost camera.

She had inadvertently sat on the memory catcher and in the process had taken a few pictures of her backside. 

Still makes me laugh out loud, even at 3:30 in the morning!

So when people wonder why I have a funky orange plaid couch in my home, I can tell them it’s a memory catcher.




Plus, it works perfectly fine to still hold the bottoms of my family, orange, funky, 70’s plaid, and all. Why throw it out when it is still perfectly functional, I say!

I have, however, given it a bit of a different identity.





Orange just clashes with my décor.  But, don’t look to closely at my attempts to cover it up, because on the sides this baby still sports some blazing plaid.  And in the process brings out a whole bunch of treasured childhood memories!


(You can all thank me later for the randomness of this pre-dawn post,  you’re welcome in advance! Smile)


  1. What great memories! They certainly don't make couches like they did in the 70's. My mom had a similar couch with giant red flowers on it and a love seat in the same pattern, but with giant blue flowers on it. It was a regular 4th of July celebration for a long time.



    (smile) that's all.

    Need you say anymore? I say LIFE is a nice niche.

    That's a fun memory for sure.

  3. I don't sleep well at night and I too have random bits of memories come popping out! Thanks for sharing the couch!

  4. Ah yes! A favorite Christmas memory!

  5. I loooooove the orange/brown plaid!!! I would proudly display that bad boy, and even better when it's been smothered in memories! :D

  6. Great memory! Love the couch--the plaid and covered up versions. :)

  7. I scrolled down (before reading the post)I knew I had seen that love seat before..I thought to myself 'that was her mom & dad's'...

  8. I love the way your mind works at 3:30 in the morning! :o) This made me laugh out loud, too! Everyone needs memories like these in their homes!

    That loveseat is very similar to the couch we had in our first apartment and our first home. It even looks like the same material. I lived with my grandmother for a couple years growing up and that couch was in her spare bedroom which is where I slept. I still hate that we got rid of that thing. :o(

  9. i hear ya... a mom's blog just can't be described in a one-word niche, yes?

    and new furniture is over-rated anyway... they just don't make things the way they used to. ;)

  10. Jenn... this is an adorable post. I love your blog and think it's wonderful to just journal about life. You're doing a beautiful job !


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