Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strawberries From My 95 Year Old Neighbor Alters my Heart


Some how, some where, I lost a whole week here!

I think it must have been due to my writing assignment that I must complete, two photo shoots (one at the last minute), editing said photo shoots, gardening, outdoor work such a deck sealing, leading Bible studies, no internet for almost a week, homemaking and mothering.




potato flower


pea blossom


Whew! This list wears me outSmile

With every thing on my list I figured I needed to lay my blogging aside and focus on just being a mom and wife.  Blogging is one thing that I can say no to if I need to. 

And right now I think I need to at least for a little bit.








My family needs me.

I’ve been far too busy and I can get way to consumed with this virtual world.

I need to spend more time playing Polly Pockets, coloring, and snuggling.



sis-polly pockets


I need to be intentional about  talking and conversing with my boys. Really listening, instead of saying uh-huh, while my eyes are glued to the computer screen. 

Honesty isn’t always pretty, it has a way of waking you up to what you really are all about.

I need to remember the important things.  God first, then others and last myself.  How does the order of that always end up flipped in my life.

I was just reminded of the importance of this.  As I was typing this post up our 95 year old neighbor stopped with two quarts of strawberries for us.  Strawberries that he picked himself….for us!  All bent over in the strawberry field with a back and joints over double the age of mine. It blows my mind.  Why didn’t I pick two quarts of strawberries for him?

God certainly has a unique way of getting my attention!

I am so convicted right now. What are my priorities?  Getting readers and accolades for my writing and photography here in this vast internet world where everything is so virtual.


Serving those who are a walk across the field, or a drive away, or a continent away with a heart that is full of love for God and His people.


I will still be posting here as God moves me to do so, so don’t write me off yetSmile   Also, I will try to visit you as time permits, but for me I’m clinging to God first, then others and myself last and therefore that puts blogging on the bottom of the list for now.


  1. This is one of the best posts I've read. This is an amazing insight to setting our priorities straight. I am on a blogging break myself, but just had to read your post! I think taking a break to get back to real life is wonderful!

  2. Beautiful post my precious friend! I'm thankful for YOU! And, don't worry about the blogging thing...just get to it when it fits in. I'm thinking a little break sometime this summer will be what I will do too. It's good for the soul.

    Love to you!

  3. Amen sister!

    I hear you loud and clear and your priorities are right on track!

    Enjoy that slower pace as summer makes her grand arrival!

  4. I hear ya, sis! I think to myself sometimes that life was a little easier to manage when I didn't get sucked into the world of blogging. It's can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be such a time stealer at the same time...and time is so precious. I will miss seeing your frequent updates, but you know you have my support 100%.

  5. I so understand. I have cut way back on my blogging and visiting as with my depression if I spend to much time here, I get nothing else done for the day. So I come when I can and leave via a timer.
    I will check in with ya from time to time!

  6. Oh, I hear you. I've been on an extended blog-vacation and it's been glorious.

    What's the secret to your gorgeous hollyhocks? I started some last year that got bushy instead of tall, never flowered, and then they failed to grow again this spring. Started some new ones, fingers crossed. :)

  7. You are such a good and ready student.
    Listening to the one who teaches you the truth, is always best!!!
    And...sometimes get a little deaf myself.
    Saw this acronym the other day.
    Keeping it on my mind daily!



    Take your time girlie...

    LOVE YA!

  8. Thank you dear friends! Each of you are so special to me!

    Kristin....that acronym is SO TRUE!

  9. Thank you for this post. I have a tendancy to stuff too much into my life. You are right, that doesn't leave time just to hang with my kids and be there when they need me.

    Now if I could only learn how to say "No" even to things I want to do, but don't really have to time to.

  10. this my friend is a truly precious post.

    And my favorite.

    FAV-Or-ITE photo is the one of your garden!


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