Saturday, September 22, 2012


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Summer blows by in a breath of hot wind. And it’s time again, another year, another birthday.

Bigger, longer, taller. Dark, thick hair replacing sandy baby curls.  Deep, chocolate brown eyes with depths unknown.

A smile to melt any heart. Dimples that beg to be touched, cheeks I can’t help caressing.

Silliness with a deep vein of dry humor, erupting in laughter.

Soft spoken, tender hearted, deep thinker, gentle spirit; enveloped in an eleven year old body.


Vacation Sept 2012-sunset-1-w


Family Reunion-24





My third born boy,

I love you with a love that makes my heart ache.  You are beyond precious to me, a God given blessing.  My heart soars when I hear that you desire to serve God. You have the heart and tenderness to do it.   I loved, when all on your own, you brought our family to worship and Bible study while we were on vacation.  I know in my heart that this is just a start for you.  God is calling you, keep listening, keep your heart open, and above all else keep LOVING.  You are a beautiful young man with a heart that is full of Jesus! 

I love you more than words can ever express,




  1. Oh, happy birthday sweet boy! Such a handsome and sweet young man. Hope you had a great day celebrating!

  2. Beautifully written post! And the photos are wonderful! Happy birthday to your sweet boy! May he always follow where Jesus takes him.

  3. Precious post Jenn! Happy belated birthday to your boy-man! :)



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