Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summary of Summer in Photos



It came hot and dry and left us scorched and thirsty! This is my favorite shot of the month of my daughter. We set this shot up one evening when it wasn’t too miserably hot.  It is simple and basic, but it captures a bit of her childhood.





Another photo shoot with my daughter, in the woods at her “fort”. What I love about this shot is that Bob (named so creatively by my sons) came in to see what we were doing. There was no removing him from the spot, so we just incorporated him in!

Girl and her kitty





September brought with it a much needed family vacation! It was gorgeous, peaceful, and relaxing. Lake Superior is one of our favorite places and we took one whole day and visited several spots along the shore line. There was lots of smiles, sand, and one little girl who couldn’t get over the amount of pretty rocks!


Vacation Sept 2012-superior-L-7-w




My two older boys and their dad weren’t so impressed with the prettiness of the rocks, but were more intent on finding the perfect skipping rock!

Vacation Sept 2012-lk superior skipping rocks



We stayed at a cottage on Manistique Lake and most evenings the sunset was beautiful. I captured this shot of my youngest son watching the sun go down.

Vacation Sept 2012-sunset-1-w




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  1. I always love your photos but I especially love the way you capture your daughter - so sweet!

  2. lovely lovely photos...
    looks like a summer well spent.

    so good to hear from you!

    much love

  3. Beautiful images - I have to agree, that first picture is just beautiful.

    Nina x

  4. These are all great, but I really love that last one!! I'm glad ya'll had a good summer. It's crazy to think how quickly it all went by.

    Lexie is a big rock collector. She would have been in heaven on that beach!! She has quite the collection on our back porch now that she spent all summer gathering.

  5. Love your summer recap! Looks like you had a fantastic vacation. Been thinking about ya! (p.s. LOVE your header photo!)

  6. Nothing short of amazing- your pictures and stories are so wonderful to see!

  7. Had to be tough to pick your top 5! I guess I haven't been here in awhile, your lovely new header had me wondering if I'd made a wrong turn somewhere.

  8. What a blessing that you were able to have that time away Jenn! Your photos are gorgeous.


  9. Beautiful photos and memories. And kitty. :)

  10. oh!! I love these!! Especially the first one and last one! Awesome!!

  11. Your photos are always so amazing! I wish we lived closer you could give me photography lessons :)

  12. Gorgeous photos! Glad you enjoyed your summer.


  13. Found you through the Quarterly 5 link up, WOW! Just amazing pics, love them all!

  14. So simple and elegant. I love them!

  15. All of your shots are amazing!! The last one with the your son & the sunset is my favorite. :)


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