Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Slow Dance

It’s late.

Deep sleep, soothing slumber, encompasses my household. There is rhythmic breathing floating through doorways and down the hall. The clocks count out the time and the cat prances after imaginary prey.

I sit up reading in the glow of the lamp. Listening for the crunch of tires on gravel, the flash of light illuminating off the barn, the turn of the door knob that tells me he is home.

He comes in quiet as a 15 year old boy possibly can.

I meet him by the kitchen table. He wraps his arms around me in a spontaneous hug.  My face gets buried in his chest. His chin on my head.  I lose my balance and take a step to the left.

“Where are you going, Mom?” he asks.

And then he’s leading.  He steps and I follow. We move in a circle, dancing.  It’s sweet bliss.  This boy who has never even slow danced in his life takes his mom for a turn around the floor.

It’s a rare, absolutely precious moment.

A 30 second dance that will last an eternity.

In the quiet, darkness with only the glow of the stove light, he talks. And the 30 second dance is accompanied by a 30 minute talk. Words flow easily as the sleep breathing from the bedrooms drones on.

I listen.

We laugh.

We pet the cat.

We connect.

In the deep of the night I see him change, mature, bloom.

He’s a young man.

My heart has always been his.

And through a sweet, impromptu dance that opens up our hearts, I glimpse that his heart is still mine.


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Sixteen has come and claimed its rightful place.

Still I get to soak in your smile.

I treasure our bantering, picking, and jesting.

I love that you ask me to scratch your back.  Every. Single. Night.

What joy you bring to my heart when you share something you find interesting in your science, history, or Bible.

You’ve grown up right before my eyes.  From my curly headed, chubby cheeked, Bubby-  to a tall, curly headed, young man.


Keep giving your heart to the Lord.  He is calling you, His chosen child, to live for Him. 

He is your shield and strong tower in this great big world.  Cling to Him.

Live purely for Him.

Your mind, soul, heart, and body are precious to Him.  He does not want to see you harmed by things of this world. 

When life bares its teeth at you just remember He will never leave you or forsake you.  God is your banner and He goes before you into battle.

Call on His name.  He will rescue you, when life feels bigger than you can handle.

You were bought with a price.  Never forget!

Jesus, loves you beyond words.  He died for you.  What LOVE is that?!

You are His and He is yours.


As you live these days of your sixteenth year, may you be overwhelmed by who God is.  May your heart be filled to overflowing with the knowledge of who our Savior is. 

God Almighty, King of kings and Lord or lords, the beginning and the end, Lord and Master, Sovereign Lord.

Our God who heals, our Shepherd, our Banner, our Provider.



Happy Birthday!


  1. Sigh...
    Stop growing I always think to myself.
    Then....grow big and proud and loud for the Lord.

    Love ya.
    And, Happy Birthday to your almost man child but still your baby love. ;o)

  2. this brought tears to my eyes, because i remember (is it just 12 years ago?)
    when i was in your place. it is so hard to loosen the apron strings, and we
    are grateful when those boys turn into men and still love us.

    i have had the awesome privilege of choosing, though i kept it to myself,
    our oldest son's wife. he adores her. last week i showed them my favorite
    house, and they bought it! can this be true?

  3. That was so beautiful! I can't believe 'our' baby is 16 already!

  4. This is by far the SWEETEST letter a momma could write. Oh my, the tears are flowing.

  5. Beautiful.

    All around.


  6. I loved this post. Isn't it wonderful when our sons actually want us to dance with them? We were at our Prairie Primer co-op yesterday and I was teaching the kids how to waltz. We assigned each kid a partner and Josiah flatly refused to dance with the girl and just wanted to dance with me or his sister. I hope Josiah will still want to dance with me when he is sixteen!

  7. Precious my friend! Happy 16th to your young man!! :)

    Love to you!

  8. Wow, girl! You always make me cry with your letters to your kids. Such a precious letter for a precious young man. How can he be 16?! Happy Birthday!


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