Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twenty Years

The calendar states it, bold as can be, it has been twenty years.

Is it possible?

Can twenty years go by so quickly and yet seem like forever at the same time?

I remember when we first got married how I thought couples who were celebrating anniversaries in the twenty to twenty-five year mark had been together “forever”.  It seemed like a lifetime, being married twenty years.

It isn’t a lifetime, but it is a lifeline.

Who could have ever guessed what twenty years together would bring. What amazing stability and strength. 

Twenty years is something to cling to. Can anyone know me better and yet love me all the same.  What amazing security.

Twenty years has produced much insight.  We possess a deepness that bonds us together even when we face off in stubbornness. We don’t always see things the same.  But, we shape and mold one another.  A perfect fit, willing to shift, move and wiggle a bit to make a union that will stand the test of time.

Who else could melt my heart with moments that speak louder than words?

Joel and sis-edited


No other could have helped form the perfect, loving family that we call ours.


family shot


You are my joy, my strength, my calming force.  My own personal comedian, in blue jeans and hoodie.  And the hardest working man I have ever known. You are a provider with tenacity.



harvest 2012- SycamoreLane Photography


  I love watching you when you aren’t looking.  It’s in those quiet times when I have a moment just to observe,  that my heart yells… I love that man!  And I’m reminded once again why I love you so very much.


skipping rocks-1


Vacation Sept 2012-superior-Joel


You had my heart the first time we ever talked.   It is still yours. I still can’t resist your deep brown eyes and dimples. You’re irresistible.

May God bless us with many more years in which we can serve Him, together. 

Arm in arm, heart to heart, you and me. Always.


  1. Happy Anniversary! 20 years is quite the milestone. Congratulations.


  2. Yay!!! That's wonderful, Jenn!! I know exactly how you feel! XO

  3. Happy Anniversary to an awesome couple! Enjoy your special day!!


  4. Happy Anniversary! I can relate to each and every word you have written. Especially,

    I love watching you when you aren’t looking. It’s in those quiet times when I have a moment just to observe, that my heart yells… I love that man!

    My heart yells that often too. Praising God for His faithfulness in our marriages. so, so happy for you. I know too many women who cannot say the same. It makes me so sad. It also makes me realize what a gift my marriage is. May we always appreciate it and see it is that, GIFT! Grace.

    Love you dear friend!!

  5. Such sweet words. Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary Jenn & Joel!

  7. Happy Anniversary Jenn and Joel! It's been a privilege to watch your sweet family grow and be knit together over the past 20 years! Love you sis!

  8. This is so wonderful, and made me cry. Now days, its so rare and so sacred, being married for so long. What you two have is so inspirational. We were married 4 years. I can't wait to make it to 20!!! Blessings to you this Christmas, friend.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Isn't it amazing? And in today's world of divorce and ugliness it feels so awesome to be one of the ones that made it! :) (We're going to celebrate 19 next summer!)


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