Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Little Birdy


About all we’re good for around here, now that the influenza virus has struck us all down, is watching the birdies.  


Red breasted Nuthatch-w-logo-SycamoreLane Photography


House Finch-web-logo-SycamoreLane Photography


Gold Finch-web-logo-SycamoreLane Photography


It’s slow going.  There’s lots of lounging, reading, T.V. watching, and a whole lot more big, big sighs than are usually heard around here,  but I am thankful for the bright bits of color outside our windows!



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  1. Such pretty pictures! Have a great week!

  2. Such gorgeous little birds! Great captures Jenn. Hope everyone in your house is feeling better ASAP! :) Thanks for linking up with the simple things this week!

  3. Wow, these are great! What lens did you use to capture them? I tried my hand at bird watching for the first this weekend & enjoyed it very much. But I still need a lot of practice :)

    1. J- I used a zoom lens 55-200mm and used the 200mm.

  4. Awh!! Thinking of you today...

    I, too, am home with all three littles - not feeling well. They aren't, I'm fine.

    I love these flutters of color... at and around your "window".

    The other day I was upstairs sewing and looked out the window just in time to see a WHOLE FLOCK of Robins come flying in together to rest on the rather large Rhododendron bush we've got. I tried to sneak and get my camera to get back and snap a shot of them but they had, by then, all fluttered off and out into the field. There must have 20-30 of them. I never saw anything like that before. The poor bush was completely "overwhelmed" with orange and black. Ooh, Spring... is on it's way.

    Love to all - this Lord's day.

  5. Beautiful captures of the birds...happy week!!

  6. great captures of some cute little birdies!

  7. What lovely photos. The crazy flu is a bummer;( Here is to your energy returning, and life can get back to crazy mode. Beside the feeling so yuck, you might miss the slow down and watch the birds you have going.

  8. Beautiful birds! Hope your family feels better. I have a cold and I am miserable enough. Can't imagine what it must be like to have the flu.


  9. Love your bird photos.

    Hope you all start feeling better soon. Being sick is the worst!


  10. Wow, such amazing pictures!
    I especially love the last one! I'm pretty impressed and just subscribed :)!


  11. Beautiful and very professional photography ~ love the birds! ~ Great for SAT ^_^

  12. Terrific captures. Love the nuthatch!

  13. Gorgeous shots! I love that yellow one!

  14. Lovely photos!

  15. Beautiful captures of your colorful birds! Well done! I do hope everyone feels better soon! Have a happy week!

  16. Awesome captures! It's so fun to watch these tiny birds! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  17. Sorry that you are all so sick my sweet friend. What a precious reminder that the LORD cares about us when you look out your window at HIS feathered creatures in all their splendour. HE cares for YOU!! Sending you HUGS and I am praying....

    MUCH Love,

  18. Love the birds! Sorry to hear you are all sick now :(

  19. Love the sweet birds! I have birds on my blog for Sunday snapshot, too!!


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