Tuesday, February 12, 2013






Another birthday has come and gone.  Fourteen has come.

As I sit here and type my heart to you, I keep coming up with… You make me laugh!   You are my comic relief.  Never have I seen a child with such a sunny disposition.  There isn’t much that brings you down and when on occasion you do get frustrated or sad it doesn’t take long for you to climb out of it.  Soon you are bouncing again with a huge smile on your face  and laughter bubbling out of your mouth.   You aren’t afraid to be silly.  A quality I love in you, because I have never been good at that.  You, sir, are a  natural!




You also are full of compassion and ready with an arm around anyone who needs some lifting up.  You are always one of the first in our family to bring comfort to the hurting and upset.  You are tender with those who are sad and often try your best to cheer them up.

I can’t believe how much you have grown, changed, and matured this past year.   You are my neat freak and have taken over the whole basement as your cleaning domain.  Every other day or so you get busy and clean, pick-up, and organize.  A boy after my own heart!

I love how you can carry a conversation.  How you aren’t afraid to talk to anybody.  You ready smile and cheerful attitude draws people to you and it truly is a gift.

Many times a day I am gifted with a big squeeze from you. What an amazing gift to be loved by such an amazing boy. 

I love your deep brown eyes and you have dimples that make me melt. 





I thank the Lord for you daily and pray that He will continue to work in your life.  I know you have given Jesus your heart and I pray that you will serve Him your whole life, putting Him first in all that you do.  You have the capacity in you to lead and so I pray that God will cultivate in you leadership qualities.  I pray that your relationship with God will always grow and that you will do whatever He calls you to do.   I know He has great plans for you and so I place you in His hands.

You have my heart, my precious son and you always will!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Aww! Why do your birthday posts always make me cry! :) Such a sweet, sweet boy! So privileged to call him family.

  2. You write the most beautiful letters to your children Jenn! Precious, truly precious!! Happy 14th to your young man!! :)

    With Love,

  3. He sure sounds like a pretty special young man!
    Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday-they grow up so quickly.


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