Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winter Imagination

The color of winter-web


What do you see in the winter?

Do you see dull?


Do you see hidden beauty?


The beauty is there. 

It’s in the sleepy quiet and the chilled noses.

It’s in the small bursts of color and the silence of a falling snowflake.

It’s in hot mugs of cocoa and snuggles under a quilt.

It’s in dutch ovens full of soup and crusty loaves of bread.

It’s in the promise of new growth now in its sleepy state.


Winter beauty do you see it?


  1. I see the gleam and glitter of the icicles hanging from our eaves. I see it in the vibrant red cardinal and his little lady's bright orange beak against the grey and white backdrop....and in my favorite mugs of steaming coffee!

    Love you!

  2. I do see it! I loved this post. Moving to Colorado in the winter time has been so strange. Everything is sleeping and I find myself imagining what this place is going to look like in the spring. I am looking forward to it waking up, but not too early!

  3. There is beauty to be found in every season...I love that! Freshly fallen snow has got to be the best (rare around here, but, it does happen). And...the snow capped mountains I can see from my kitchen window...they are glorious on a clear day at sunrise...all pink and blue...SO beautiful! Thank you, my friend...for reminding us to see the beauty! :)

    Love you!


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