Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Self-Portrait of 40


This weekend I turn 40.  A sad day?  I think not!





My days could have ended 16 years ago at the age of 24. My doctor told my mom I was a miracle walking. The Lord, has blessed me. Since that time he has gifted me with 3 more children, a move to the rural country side where I grew up, the opportunity to homeschool, the joy of capturing His glory in photography…. I could go on and on.




Most importantly He is calling me to step out beyond what I feel I am capable of doing. In the past year He has challenged me to serve Him in ways I had promised myself I would never do.  Our God is sorta humorous like that!


Me-7-web-SycamoreLane Photography


me-8-web-SycamoreLane Photography


So 40 here I come! I’m wearing my laugh lines and creases like a badge of honor.  Society tells me to try everything it has to offer to get rid of them, but I say they are beautiful and they are earned!  I’m ready for another year.  Another year to love, serve, live, impact, and enjoy!


Me-w-SycamoreLane Photography






      simple things-1Sunday Snapshot


  1. Happy Birthday Jenny! What a beautiful post! Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  2. Happy Birthday! Wonderful outlook on look. It's inspiring. Can't wait to see how God uses you in the years ahead.

  3. Happy birthday my amazing Christian blog friend! God does have an amazing sense of humor and you and I are both proof he still continues to do miracles. I look forward to peeking in on you and seeing what the Lord is doing!

  4. Happy 40th my sweet friend! You are beautiful!!! I am thankful the LORD had our paths cross. I am thankful for YOU! know what? You and Emma nearly share a birthday. Hers was yesterday. Is yours today or tomorrow?? BTW...the 40's are not bad at all...speaking from experience! :)

    Love you!

  5. Happy birthday! You are stunning! So glad you shared these beautiful photos!

  6. Happy Birthday Jenn! You are so very beautiful, inside AND out :)

  7. Oh boy, you are one beautiful lady...I only wish I was celebrating 40 this weekend, but I am celebrating 70 on Sunday. So Happy Birthday fellow, March girl. And here's to many, many more!!

  8. Oh Jenn you do NOT look 40! You are so beautiful! Happy Birthday, sweet friend!

  9. i can't see a single line! only a confident, happy
    mother of precious children. happy birthday!!

  10. amen sister, happy birthday to the beautiful YOU!!
    yes, i agree, the Lord certainly has a sense of humor!

  11. Happy Birthday my friend. You are a beautiful soul - through and through. And 40? No way.

    May your day be - as beautiful as you are. Truly.

  12. Happy Birthday, Jenn! You are beautiful on the inside as well as the outside! I feel lucky to know you.
    Your friend, Jenny A

  13. Happy birthday! 40 isn't the is the beginning!

    You are a beautiful daughter of the King; never forget that. :)

  14. Happy birthday! 40 isn't the is the beginning!

    You are a beautiful daughter of the King; never forget that. :)

  15. Happy Birthday, sweet Sis! You are a treasure and a joy! And, you are right, forty is beautiful!

  16. Happy Birthday!!!
    Such a beautiful lady and inspiration you are!!!

  17. Happy birthday, beautiful friend!! I think you will always look lovely, no matter what age you're at. Laugh lines? What laugh lines? ;o)

    Cheers to a wonderful new decade for you, Jenn!

  18. Girl, you are beyond beautiful! I happen to know that your heart is equally beautiful. You are so tender towards Him and desire above all to serve, love and obey Him, this is so beautiful. Happy Birthday. Perfect attitude for your 40th birthday, it gets so, so good, trust me! I am in awe of what He is calling me to do, things I would have never imagined, and it is so invigorating and exciting. So excited to see where He takes you, please share!!

    Love you to pieces, precious lady. So thankful for you!!! Praising Him for the day you were born.




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