Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not Only Are the Bee’s Joyously Busy….


Well, I unintentionally took a bit of a blogging break over the past couple of weeks.  There is much happening here and the days have been packed full, blogging had to take a back seat. It actually was good to have one less thing on my to-do list. God is definitely showing me that it is okay to let go of the whole mindset that I must do this and that to keep everyone interested in my blog.  He has impressed upon me, and I know for a fact, that I will enjoy my blogging so much more if I don’t feel I must keep up on the high standards I tend to enforce on myself.


These past couple of weeks the weather decided to bring spring on full bore.  There has been a flurry of activity around here.  The garden finally got disked and my oldest worked up a small square for me to put in my cold crops (the rest of the garden is still too wet).  I got busy and  got my raspberry bed, grape vines, and blueberry bushes, and gooseberries weeded and mulched. I’ve been busily pulling out wild violets and crab grass out of my flower gardens, but they seem to multiply no matter how many I pull out.




Turkey season was a great success and extremely tasty, too.  Joel made kabobs with my youngest son’s turkey.  It was such a hit that my middle son requested the same meal with his turkey.  Joel also made up a couple of batches of turkey jerky for the boys to enjoy.  Last night we ate Joel’s turkey and I have enough left over to make several more meals out of it. 

If you are interested in making the kabobs here is a list of what you will need:

Wild Turkey Kabobs:

Turkey breast: 3-4lbs cut into 1 inch chunks

3 cans of whole potatoes

2 large green peppers

1 large red onion

1-2 pints of grape tomatoes

1 pint baby Bella mushrooms

Wooden or metal skewersi


Italian dressing

Worcestershire sauce

liquid smoke(just a couple of drops: optional)

season salt

freshly ground black pepper

I don’t have any amounts for these…. my man chef is a dump and pour until it looks good. So, if you make these just take your best guess and dump and pour until it looks good to you.


Place turkey in a shallow pan or bowl coat with marinade.  Put all your veges in a separate bowl and coat with marinade.  Place in refrigerator and let set for at least 4 hours.  An hour before you want to grill your kabobs, place your wooden skewers  into a shallow baking dish full of water and let them soak (this will prevent them from bursting into flames when you place them on the grill:)

Get your grill ready! ( We like charcoal and it is all we use now that our gas grill breathed its last flame.)

Now start building your kabobs.  Put your chunks of turkey onto your kabobs leaving a little bit of space between each chunk.  Then put all your veges onto separate sticks.  The cooking time for the turkey is longer than what you will want to cook your vegetables that is why we cook them separately. Put your turkey kabobs on the grill first. Grill the turkey chunks on the first side then turn over. When you turn the turkey  place on your vegetable kabobs on.  Finish grilling until meat is done (165 degrees) and vegetables are tender crisp.


Turkey-SycamoreLane Photography


The weather has been so gorgeous that I have been loading up the clothesline every. single. day.  I’m loving it.  All my curtains have been set free of their dust and spring cleaning has commenced.


Laundry-SycamoreLane Photography


And of course there has been a lot more opportunity to take photos of the earth awakening after a long winter and of  a little girl who can’t seem to get enough of all this sunshine!


Spring flowers and sis-SycamoreLane Photography


Happy, happy, SPRING!


  1. I, for one, will not lose interest in your blog my sweet friend...take as many breaks as you need! It seems many bloggers are in the same boat these days and that is okay! :) This was a lovely *catch up* post. Love the line shots. The one with little miss in the foreground with her stuffie is too cute. :)

    Much Love,

  2. Your turkey kabobs sound good! My husband got a few turkeys this year too and we've been enjoying them.

    Fabulous pictures. I'm so very glad spring is finally here!

  3. that's a huge turkey! thanks for the turkey kabob recipe
    and the lovely photos.

  4. I have took a break over at my place too. It feels so refreshing. I think I am going to just write when called by Him and not just because, anymore. Your blog is so lovely, Jenn!

  5. turkey kabobs! Oh does that ever sound yummy! We must be trying that one out :)

    Happy spring to you Jenn, enjoy it all...drink it in, and taste the smells!

  6. Beautiful...
    Now that I have gone private and write more as a journal and less as a...seeker of keeping things exciting. I feel no pressure. At least from others. For myself I put pressure on to make sure I put down all of my thoughts and feelings before they slip away.
    I have missed you.
    I love seeing you.
    And I'm ready to go wrangle me wild turkey!

  7. It is such a beautiful time of year right now! I hate to be leaving the country just as everything is starting to bloom and wake back up again. It really is my favorite time of year, minus the allergies. :o)

  8. This post makes me happy :) Spring!
    Those turkey kabobs look pretty amazing!

  9. Looks like spring has made her mark! Again I'm always amazed at what you can accomplish. In a few years, I hope to be just as productive once the youngest 2 don't need constant supervision. Hope your garden is happy! Love the pics and update!


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