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When I was a little girl I always dreamed of being a farmer/farmer’s wife. I have always loved the whole farming lifestyle. There is just something about planting, growing, harvesting that calls out to my soul. For me, it is a huge reminder of how powerful God is and how His creation shows us a little bitty hint of His glory. It also reminds me of the call that God has placed on every believers life, to go out and work the ground of people’s hearts, to lay out the seeds of God’s love, and to nurture, disciple, and come along side of, as those seeds grow and flourish into believing hearts.  What better illustration can you get of this than actually getting to live on a farm.  It is a constant reminder of the Great Commission!


spring field-SycamoreLane Photography


Farmer talk-SycamoreLane Photography


spring planting-1-SycamoreLane Photography


spring planting-SycamoreLane Photography


Last week I got to play farmers wife and I loved it. I love hearing the drone of the tractor. I love walking across the field and checking on the our men’s progress. I love that we share every dinner with my parents during planting season either here at my house or at my mom’s.

And even though we don’t have a huge farm, it really doesn’t matter to me.  Some would say you aren’t a farmer unless you have hundreds upon hundreds of acres and or thousands of heads of animals.

I say phooey!

I’m not afraid of dirt under my nails or embedded into my feet. Manure doesn’t make me squeamish. I don’t freak out over ticks after a walk through the field. I’m not ashamed of wearing stained and holey jeans and a faded t-shirt with my hear pulled back in a pony tail, no make-up on, sitting in a dusty truck or plopped down in the bare dirt of a worked up field. 

I’m a farm girl  (small though it may be)! 


  1. Amen and I am so right there with you.XO

  2. Oh, I agree! You can definitely call yourself a farmer! :o)

    How are your hens doing?

  3. It all sounds so lovely my sweet friend. Especially the part where you share dinner with your extended family night after night during planting. And, can definitely be a farmer/farmer's wife on a smaller scale...most definitely!! Enjoy these days...sending you love and hugs. Camille


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