Monday, March 3, 2014

I’m Rounding Up My Winter Photos….

March is here and so I know spring is coming!  My seed order arrived the other day.  Oh! What fun to spread out all of the colorful packets and continue to draw out my garden plans for the year!  Today I spent some time going through my January and February photos.  All of them are from February, except the bottom one which I took in January, right before it started snowing.  Now we can’t even see the weeds from last summer/fall, they are buried under 2-3 feet of snow!  We have gotten some crazy amount of 70+ inches worth of snow this winter.  We got 4 more yesterday.  Thankfully I love the snow and it does not bother me one bit to have more.   I know spring will arrive eventually and so I’m not worried one little bit! In fact I’m getting ready to start my tomato and green peppers.  I’m breaking on the seed starting soil, containers, and seeds!  I’m super excited to get them going and watch the miracle of new growth!


SycamoreLane Photography--2-6

SycamoreLane Photography--3-6

SycamoreLane Photography--38

SycamoreLane Photography-232

SycamoreLane Photography-at home (24)

SycamoreLane Photography-89

SycamoreLane Photography- Michigan Child Photographer

SycamoreLane Photography--36

SycamoreLane Photography-2-8

SycamoreLane Photography- winter nature


  1. 70+ How strange to not see the ground for months at a time. I would love to be snowed in during a blizzard sometime. I know the reality is probably not nearly as romantic and cozy as I picture it in my head, but I've never experienced anything like that before. As long as I had a back up generator, I think I'd be okay! :o)

    Lovely photos of the birds. Did you notice when you posted these how similar the expression on Lauren's face is to yours? Two peas in a pod, you two are!

    1. I didn't notice it! LOL! You are right... we are wearing the same expression! I am actually loving the snow! It is snowing again as I type this. It is cozy... but if a person was averse to the coldness of the single digit temperatures we are having it could be a problem! I, however, am enjoying it!

  2. Love your pictures, as always! Those cardinals!

  3. Awesome shot of that cardinal!


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