Monday, March 24, 2014

Catching Up

Back in January I poured over and over seed catalogs.  I had my pen and highlighter always at the ready.  By the time I was done I was going to owe the seed company a mint.  So I began to cut back and cross off until I got a list that was a bit more manageable!



SycamoreLane Photography-3-2-2


Last month my order came! I love the packaging form Territorial Seed Company!  This is my first year using them and I was seriously giddy when I saw all the bright colors!


SycamoreLane Photography-43

SycamoreLane Photography-44


I’ve got some of my seeds started, now the snow just needs to melt and the temperatures need to rise.  I’m hoping I didn’t start too soon!  Normally, I start my seed mid-March and that seems to work well, but the weather has been pretty quirky here this year.   I love seeing all the green poking up through the soil and Little Miss had so much fun checking each morning to see what would come up next!


SycamoreLane Photography-2-3-2


THIS…. Cracks. Me. UP!  I have no idea who took this picture, but it certainly captured real life after a long day of homeschooling.  Look at the assortment gathered on my countertops! 


SycamoreLane Photography-3-3


I had to take a photo of this, for memories sake.  It touches my heart that she still likes to play with her babies.  Often she brings one up to the bar in the kitchen and she will place an order for lunch for herself and her baby!  After many weeks, I now have my script memorized.  “Hello, how are you?  May I take your order?”  She will ask me what is on the menu and I will give her the options for the day.  Then she orders….  most often it is fruit plate! 


SycamoreLane Photography-at home (24)


I’m “kind of” teaching her piano.  She goes in spurts, but on this day she wanted to give a recital of sorts!  She got all dressed up and played her piece for me.


SycamoreLane Photography-18


We have been having huge flocks of wild turkeys in our yard, as close as a foot from our house.  They are desperate after the long hard winter we have had.  We have not seen the ground since the last part of December and the animals are eating everything in sight.  I have (had) a beautiful pine tree in my front yard that the deer stripped of it’s needles about 6 feet up.  It was our hens favorite hiding place and it saved their little tushies from a hawk last year.  They were a bit confused when they finally came out of the coop.  They stood under the tree and you could almost see their little minds swirling as they tried to figure out where their hiding place had disappeared to.


SycamoreLane Photography-2-10


We are super blessed that one of my biology students is an AMAZING artist.  She gives my younger two lessons every Tuesday after we finish up biology.  My kids love her and she is super with them. 


SycamoreLane Photography-at home (16)

SycamoreLane Photography-32


School anyone?  This cat learns through osmosis.  I’m positive of it!  By the time my children are done with school he should be a genius!


SycamoreLane Photography-62


The rest are just for fun!  A wonderful family gave me a 35mm lens for my birthday!   I couldn’t believe it, it totally shocked me!  So for the past two weeks I have been playing around with the lens and loving it!  Here is a little sample of what it can do.


SycamoreLane Photography-86

SycamoreLane Photography-103

SycamoreLane Photography-106

SycamoreLane Photography-Cousin Love


SycamoreLane Photography-Michigan child Photographer (6)

SycamoreLane Photography-Michigan child Photographer (7)

SycamoreLane Photography-Michigan child Photographer (8)

SycamoreLane Photography-Michigan child Photographer (9)

SycamoreLane Photography-Michigan Lifestyle Photographer

SycamoreLane Photography-Child Photographer (2)

SycamoreLane Photography-Child Photographer

SycamoreLane Photography-Michigan Child Photographer (3)


As I scroll back through this post, I am overwhelmed by how blessed I am.  Thank you, Lord, You are an AMAZING, Loving, Gift-giving God!


  1. I liked getting a glimpse into your life lately! Your little seeds are growing so quickly! Hopefully the coldest of the winter is past and you can plant them when they're ready - otherwise you're going to have awfully large seedlings to plant! :)

    I'm curious - what can a 35mm do that a 50mm can't? Or maybe the question should be, what's different about the 35mm other than 15mm. :)

    1. The reason I like the 35mm is for lifestyle shoots in peoples homes. Its for those tight spots where you can't back up far enough. :)

  2. Love your seed packets! And just the daily happenings at your house. The dress Lauren has on is such a pretty floral and she looks great in yellow. Love you so much!

  3. Look how grown up your little Miss is getting!!! Love you! XO

  4. Wow you purchased a bunch of seeds. Happy Growing! I'm getting anxious to get out and plant some more spring flowers but it's rainy this week so perhaps next week will be better. Loved your family shots, your one girl has the most expressive eyes.

  5. Beautiful photos. You all have truly had a "Little House on the Prairie" long winter. I'm so glad things are starting to melt for you and I wish you the best of luck with all your new seeds.


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