Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Thriving Life

Little Miss took this picture for me, to document a new beginning for her blankey.  The crocheted edging on her blanket which I made when I was pregnant for her was unraveling, falling to pieces and literally disintegrating from all the loving it has received.  It was beyond repair and so the other day I talked her into letting me snip it off.  As I sat there taking off the edging my heart was a bit sad.  It was hard taking off all that sweet crochet from almost 8 years ago.  I wanted to keep it and yet I knew it was time to remove it.

As I cut each connection of yarn to blanket, it made me think about how often in my own life I have wanted to hang on to the things that were tattered and no good.  I did not want to get rid of them because I knew them.  I was used to them.  They were part of me and defined me.  I was comfortable with them.  With them I had control (or so I thought).  And the thought of letting them go actually saddened and frightened me.

But, with them I lived a half life.  A doubled over, weighed down, survival mode life.  It wasn't a powerful, joyful God filled New Life.

"But for you who welcome him, in whom he dwells—even though you still experience all the limitations of sin—you yourself experience life on God’s terms. It stands to reason, doesn’t it, that if the alive-and-present God who raised Jesus from the dead moves into your life, he’ll do the same thing in you that he did in Jesus, bringing you alive to himself? When God lives and breathes in you (and he does, as surely as he did in Jesus), you are delivered from that dead life. With his Spirit living in you, your body will be as alive as Christ’s!"  Romans 8:9-10 (Message)

As I sat almost every night for three weeks putting on the new bright pink yarn on Little Miss' lovey, God brought to my mind how when I agreed to finally lay down my burdens, sins, lies, and wrong thinking that He never meant for me to carry, He brought Newness into my life.

No longer was I in survival mode, but instead God brought me to a thriving life!

He brought me into a life of expectation in Him.  A life of New Growth, a flourishing, abounding in God-adventures life! It has been amazing!  No longer am I weighed down by things that I was never meant to carry. No longer am I grave tending, but instead I live each day looking forward to what the Lord has for me.

Each day is full of the power of the resurrection of Christ!  Just like my daughter's blanket edging; I am NEW! 

"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"  2 Corinthians 5:17


  1. This is beautiful - Jenn! I'm probably going to reread and reread this - just to let it soak in.

    Thanks for coming by today! And best wishes of healing to your home today. Praying the same for here...(not feeling too well, today!)

  2. amen, girl! He knows what we need to get rid of but i agree, it is uncomfortable and hard at time. but, SO worth it in the end. He always knows what's best and blesses us beyond measure. i wish we lived closer...i'd love to visit over some warm tea. :)

  3. I am amazed at how people like you can find "life lessons" in such simple things like this. It really was a wonderful blessing to read this. I need to practice more at the letting go and finding the "new". Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is beautiful! I love how God uses the simplest things to teach us profound lessons.

  5. Preciousness. Isn't it interesting how the Lord uses these sorts of things to teach us of Himself? Hugs to you and your little Miss. XO

  6. Love this...and Romans 8...a constant read for me these days. All of this so true and you articulated so well. In our study time last night we spoke of spiritual gifts...I can see yours very clearly. The Lord is so alive in you, Jenn. And even though we bow low...we rise higher. I love your heart and the way you transformed that blanket making it new for her, new for you, and new in Him. xoxo


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