Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015: 365~ Week 7

Day 43/365:

There are no words for the beauty I see in your eyes in this photo…. You are GORGEOUS — inside and out.

SycamoreLane Photography--5


Day 44/365:

You are growing up so quickly and beginning to take a bigger part in making your own lunches.

SycamoreLane Photography--2


Day 45/365:

Those clippers still tickle whether you are two or thirteen… sit still Caleb!

SycamoreLane Photography-


Day 46/365:

Two of my beautiful nephews.

SycamoreLane Photography--3


Day 47/365:

Warm Cinnamon Swirl bread on a chilly afternoon.

SycamoreLane Photography--4


Day 48/365:

You love to keep your nails painted.  Papa did your hands and I did your toes.

SycamoreLane Photography-5


Day 49/365: 

It has been bitter cold her for weeks. Temperatures in the negative numbers is becoming the norm…. and it’s pushing us to extreme silliness!

SycamoreLane Photography-4


Collage 7


  1. Love these! That cinnamon bread looks amazing!

  2. Especially love the look on Caleb's face and the low shot of your precious nephews. SO precious....all of it. XO


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