Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Learning Experience

*This post is political in nature. It is not my intention to upset anyone or demean anyone for the choices they may have made during this election. These are my opinions and what I believe, stated to the best of my ability.

As a child I never took much interest in politics. A President was elected, served his term and another took his place without much notice from me. Congressmen were voted on, proposals were passed or failed, political issues were discussed, all without my knowing. Politics didn't make sense to me (a good portion of it still doesn't) and at that age I didn't really care.

With my sons it is different, they have shown great interest in the election process. Maybe it is because Joel and I talk freely about politics in front of them. Or maybe it is because they are really listening closely. I don't remember my parents discussing politics with us as children, but I talk with them about it now. So, its quite possible I just didn't listen close when they were talking about elections. Maybe its just that this election held such hot topics. There was always something to debate and mull over. Whatever the case may be, my kids were involved. And will always remember this election which would make history, whomever won.

They knew who they wanted to win. They may not have understood all of the beliefs of each candidate, but they knew enough. They knew they wanted a certain proposal in our state to fail. They were so concerned about these issues that they started taking their own poll. Whenever we went somewhere they would count the signs in yards, keeping a tally. They were always pleased that their guy came out on top. In their minds it was a shoe-in.

Last night before they went to bed they pleaded with me to wake them when I knew the results. We settled on as soon as I woke up in the morning, for the much awaited announcement.

This morning there was disappointment at our house. Everything and everyone whom they wanted to win didn't. But, it provided an amazing discussion and learning experience.

We talked about God's will and His plan for our nation. About how we can't possibly know the plans God has, but that it will all work out for His glory. I tied our present situation, to the kings of Israel in Biblical times, who we are studying. I reminded them how God allowed some kings to rule who didn't follow God's leading because it was God's plan for the nation of Israel. Mr. Obama may not hold to all of our beliefs, but God has a plan for him and our nation. 1 Most importantly we discussed the importance of praying for our new President elect, his family and his advisors.

"But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations" Psalm 33:11


  1. The Lord can control a king's

    mind as he controls a river;

    he can direct it as he pleases.

    (Pr. 21:1)

    This is why we still have a hope..

  2. I too was amazed at how involved my kids were in this election. That is a great thing! God has a plan that could only unfold with our newly elected president - we can be assured of that. It's so great to know that HE is not surprised. Loved this post!!

  3. Well put, Jenn. This is not the time for the country to become further divided. It's a time to come together, and try to figure out just what THAT PLAN is.

    I grew up in a politically active family. Open discussion was encouraged, and we have tried to carry on that tradition with our 16 year old - who has been VERY interested in this election. She KNOWS how disappointed her father and I are, but we tried to follow McCain's lead and hold our chins up and behave with dignity and class.

  4. I agree, what we have left is prayer and putting our faith in God that we are on the path that He wants. It might be a serious and difficult learning experience and maybe one that we need in order to grow from...

  5. I grew up much like you, not paying any attention to politics. And like you, I am disappointed at the results of last night. But our Lord is in no less control then He was before this election...and you are so right...we need to pray for our new President.

  6. YOU are a wonderful mother- that is plain to see. I can hear your gentle voice talking to your children, and I'm reminded of how God gave me such a good, godly mother.

  7. I was torn this year on which way to go...I really didn't care much for either of them. But as your house was, due to a few moral issues I too was a little disappointed. You picked the perfect scripture to make us feel better about the whole situation.

  8. Great post! I 100% agree.

    Also, according to the Book of Revelations, we know the final outcome. Everything that is happening is ushering in the antichrist and the false prophet. Nothing is by accident.

    Shalom! =)


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