Friday, November 7, 2008



~This week has blessed us with 70 degree, blue sky, gorgeous weather. We couldn't pass these days up spent inside, especially since the normal high for this time of year is 45 degrees. So, we headed over to glean the cornfields after my dad harvested them. We took a couple hours off from school and gathered the corn that the combine missed. Our bunnies will be grateful for these treats this winter. And we got to enjoy the beauty of God's earth.

~Potty training isn't for the weak. Enough said.

~The time change is working against me. Crabbiness, whining, bickering, eating and sleeping schedules altered and that's just me, you should see the kids! Let's just say life is a bit skewed around here right now.

~On the plus side, we spend more time together in the evenings. Since it gets dark so early we are all inside to stay after dinner. Some nights we may just all grab books and read them. Or we may all gather in the master bedroom and watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Other nights it becomes a wrestle/tickle fest, in which I become the referee.

~Yesterday, Isaac had the opportunity to spend the day with his uncle who is a carpenter. His uncle and him went to build a chicken coop for a friend from our church. It was a a great learning experience. Isaac and his buddy Sam did all the measuring and lugging of materials. What better way to reinforce fractions.

~Raising a two-year-old is like trying to overthrow a dictator. Lauren is in the midst of her reign of terror. Little does she know, I have the upper hand. I have successfully subdued the last 3 overbearing tyrannists who have roamed this household!


  1. I like the comparison between a 2-year-old and a dictator! That sounds quite accurate in many instances. :)

  2. I am NOT a fan of the time change. It has completely messed up our schedule...but I suppose we will adjust.

    And amen to the potty training. Hang in there!

  3. Love this post! And I feel your pain!


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