Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Impatience- I'm Back

This weekend spent without a computer was good thing in disguise. I tackled some cleaning projects that needed to be addressed. I de-cobwebbed (I know not a word) my basement and scrubbed the bug ick off the windows down there. Then I vacuumed part of the floor and basement steps. Plus, being the ogre I am, I cruelly forced my children to clean up their playroom (also in the basement), which was littered with Legos in the oddest places. I am now the proud owner of a sparkling clean basement, except for the three boxes of Legos that somehow got spread all across the floor as soon as I turned my back!

When I tired of all the cleaning, I worked on some items that I am selling on my Etsy shop. (This is an unabashed advertisement.) It you get the time check out my shop. I am putting more items on every couple of days and hopefully my sisters will be adding some too.

Even with all this to keep me occupied, I just couldn't handle it any longer! I highjacked the computer my sister and her husband gave the boys to play games on. Thankfully it still had internet explorer on it and I was able to set up an internet connection.

Now, the boys weren't too happy about me requisitioning their computer, but I'm the mommy and it just had to be done! So, I have been lurking these past few days reading all of your posts. This computer moves pretty slow, but I just wander off and do other jobs around the house until a page loads. Hopefully, I will be back in business with my computer this afternoon.


  1. Hey Jenn, don't worry we can't see who's computer your on! Glad your back and congtrats on the cleaning.

  2. I love waking up to a clean house. It makes my day go a little better.

    I STILL have dial-up, so I definitely know about that snail pace. :)

  3. Missed you! I know...I always get blogging withdrawals if I go too long. :)

  4. I at one time truly believed that legos reproduce without warning. :)

    We all need a break from the computer sometimes.

    I'm enjoying reading your blog.


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