Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crochet Craziness

Since I have had to spend a lot of time just lying around, I decided to entertain myself by doing a little crocheting. Here are some of the projects I have finished.

These are three of the rose ponytail holders I have made. They look really cute in Lauren's hair.

This was my first attempt at crocheting a toy. I tweaked the pattern a bit and I really shouldn't have! It was trying to make it a floppy eared rabbit. It looks a bit too much like a dog. Oh well, the important thing is that Lauren loves it!

This is a set of baby washcloths. I made each one different and I love how they turned out. I might try to sell these on Etsy or maybe I'll keep them to give away in the future.

Here's another ponytail holder. This is a little bigger than the roses, but I still like it.
And finally one of the projects I am working on right now, a rag rug. I started this yesterday morning. It took me a while just to get this far, because I am cutting scraps into 1/2" strips and then hand sewing them together all while lying on my back! I have wanted to make a rag rug for a long time now. I am hoping this one turns out the way I want it, because I already have a spot in mind for it.


  1. Jenn,This is precious.You are so talented!Have a great day! Blessings, Faye

  2. I think I definitely need to order some of those for all our little pony tails! Do you have a "button" for your store?

  3. My oh my, you are definitely talented! I have been making simple blankets for my family's charity but I desire to make something a little more complicated as well. Do you have any favorite (and simple) patters for a newbie like me?

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, you are most talented!! I wish I had a daughter to 'decorate' but perhaps I'll simply allow my son's hair to grow out :o) just kidding!!

  4. Look at these! I am amazed at all of your creations since I have NO clue how you do this.

    So I got back from my trip late Sat. night and had a sweet little package from you waiting for me! Thank you so much! I loved reading your note, and the darling little hair rose is just perfect - Savannah was wearing it all day today. And the picture from Lauren - just precious. Thank you so much, you really made my day!

  5. Call me Impressed...that is beautiful work-

  6. Okay, I love it all!! Even the pink dog-unny ;o) Very cute!! The pony tail holders are my favorite!!

  7. You rock girl!! I love them all. That doggie is so cute! And I know you are good at the hair accessories. :)

  8. I never thought about making ponytail holders - that's a great project.

  9. Those are great! Glad you found something fun and creative to do while lying around.


  10. Wow! How adorable. You remind me of my mom. If there was something to make by crocheting, she would do it! I still have a beautiful doll that my mom croched the dress for. Maybe I'll post it later.

    I am unable to crochet any longer because of my hands, and I really miss it.


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