Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

100_5366 100_5359100_5355


Babies, babies everywhere! Our baby bunnies now have their eyes open. They are fuzzy, fluffy and squirmy. We love to check on them each day and see how they are changing. The baby turkeys we got a week and a half ago are getting bigger. They are starting to get feathers on their wings.

Out in the garden the radishes are starting to push their way through the soil.


In my flower garden and around my yard colors are vibrant...




100_5385 100_5389

100_5390 Trees in my yard and a bud on my Clematis

I LOVE this time of year!


Visit A Southern Daydreamer for more photos of the great outdoors.


  1. Those bunnies!!! And those baby turkeys!!!! I love the flowers, too, but those baby animals just make my heart go pitter pat! SO cute! Thank you for sharing...

    Happy OW!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Jenn! Cute babies..and beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  3. Oh the bunnies are adorable!! And baby turkeys, how fun! Beautiful pictures.

  4. OOOOh, love the pictures of your flowers! and you actually know what you have growing in your yard, hehe, I'm clueless. Those rabbits are TOO CUTE!

  5. Jenny..those animal pictures remind me of the year my mom caught your families swamp on fire. Do you remember?

    Okay, I need to draw the connection...My mom felt so bad because she knew she had killed some wildlife that you guys enjoyed watching. One day your mom called and shared with my mom that she could see a family of swans out in the swamp on her nest...without my mom burning the dead grass (your mom said) you guys would have never been able to see the swans.

    I just remember think how cool that was of your mom, to let my mom know, it was okay that the swamp got burned. I hope this is understandable???

    I see you still have a fondness for animals!

  6. I want the black bunny!! SOO sweet! :)

    The pictures of your flowers are divine! ~Definitely screams SPRING!!!

  7. How precious!! I get this feeling that you live in a beautiful neighborhood, lucky lucky :) thanks for sharing the pictures, it's making me want to move out of the busy city ;)

    and order some chicken mcnuggets :o)

    just kidding!


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