Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One of Summer's Perks


Even though we have been extremely busy with gardening, berry picking and jelly making, we still find time to enjoy a fun filled afternoon at a local lake with our family.


Here is my adorable nephew just back from a 6 month mission trip. How I missed this little guy!  He was such a phenomenon in the country where his parents were working that the people there wanted to touch him all the time.  So, for now he prefers not to be touched or cuddled too much.  I'm trying to wait patiently, because I just want to swoop him up into my arms for a humongous hug!


My crew had a great time splashing around in the water. Lauren got overly excited a couple of times and went under, but except for a hilariously shocked look on her face and a couple of tears, she recovered nicely!




This is my youngest sister, Katie with my other nephew (who is the brother of the cutie above).  I kept trying to get pudge to look at me (the baby, not you Kate!), but every time I took the picture he looked away. In this one even Katie looked away. I love how it turned out!  My sis is so beautiful! And baby boy is just adorable!


There's nothing like a summer picnic and a leisurely afternoon spent splashing, giggling and getting soaking wet!


  1. Looks like a really fun day.

  2. Your nephew has such cute curls. No wonder everyone wanted to touch him!! :)

    Beautiful family and pictures. One blessed lady!

  3. Fun! The kids sure look like they had a blast!

  4. Jenn, Looks like a fun filled day!Have a great weekend! Blessing

  5. Jenn,

    This looks like you had a great time! Those baby boys are so sweet looking. Good luck in the hug and cuddle department!

    God's blessings to you!

  6. Oh, how fun! I miss swimming in the lake. It's been years. I don't even remember the last time I went. My husband and I were at the lake all summer before we had kids. I'd really like to find a place around here where the family could go.

  7. Lovin' it! I also adore how there is a 'shadow effect' behind each picture, you certainly have a way with photography. Thanks for sharing toots!!

  8. So jealous I couldn't join you! Love all the great pics, especially the one of Katie!

  9. oh those are such great pictures!! looks like you had a wonderful day - you sure do deserve it. bet you appreciate those days even more since your days of being bed-ridden. it really is the simple things, isn't it?

    hope you have many more great summer days ahead.

  10. who wouldn't want to hug such a cutie! Hope you get to hug your nephew before the visit is over :)

  11. A day at the lake - that sounds LOVELY.

    I can't get over your nephew's hair - beautiful blond curls! Love it! The pic of your sister and the baby turned out so well - some of my favorite shots aren't the posed ones, but the more natural ones.

  12. It looks like it was a beautiful day for a picnic at the lake!


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