Thursday, July 16, 2009

Simple Summer Fun


There are many times in the midst of the intense heat of summer when I think a pool would be wonderful, but...




there's just something I love about the simplicity of running through the sprinkler.  The giggles, screams, constant motion, and ingenuity remind me of when I was a little girl and cooled off in the same manner with my sisters. 

I hope my children will have great memories of their summers just as I do!


  1. Often when my mom was watering the lawn in Colorado where we grew up, she would let my brother and I run through the sprinkler. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was so much fun. We would watch it go one way, and then as it started to come back we would charge throught it. What a nice memory you brought back to me!

  2. Totally agree!! It's less maintenance and keep up too!:)

    Looks like fun.

  3. aaahhh...sprinkler is the best! {and a lot less worry}
    have a fun summer day today~

  4. Don't forget to join in the fun! I have been and I LOVE it!! Sprinklers, water park, baby pool and mosquito bites ;o) only the bug bites aren't fun but if I'm joining in the fun I guess I get to join in the pitfall too!


  5. One of my favorite memories is running through the hose sprinkler with my aunt. My grandma had one of those garden watering hoses with the hose and we would run through that. The simple times are the best!

  6. Ahh! Good memories indeed! How many hours did we spend out there?

  7. sprinklers beat those little kiddie pools any day!

  8. Our girls love the sprinkler! I don't think those things ever loose their novelty :).

  9. Running through sprinklers is STILL one of my fave things to do! :)

  10. Oh the fun of summertime!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. lol great pictures! My kids are doing that too! Its been 106 every day for a week. Eee!

  12. That's the best fun and it makes for great memories too. I remember plenty of summer days with the hose and my brother!


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