Monday, August 31, 2009

Worn Out~ Part II


Last week I wrote a post about being weary, bone-tired, exhausted and ready to give up.  I wanted to share what I was feeling that day even though it wasn't pretty or picture perfect.  It was me.  It was how I was feeling at that moment.  It wasn't a proud moment.  It was just an honest look into my life.

I wanted to portray myself as I really am.  Faulty.  I'm not perfect. I fail. I mess up and feel guilty about it. I'm selfish. I sometimes desire my needs and wants above those in my care. I'm weak. I'm broken. But, most importantly I'm loved.

It's an amazing, astounding, mind-blowing kind of love. God loves me even when I am at my most unlovable. He envelopes me with His compassion.  He doesn't hide His face from me when I am ungrateful and selfish, but rather comes near so that I can feel his presence.

Psalm 18:35 says,

You give me your shield of victory, and your right hand sustains me, you stoop down to make me great.

My sister, Marisa, shared this verse with me on a day when I felt like I couldn't and didn't want to go on.  What an amazing promise from God's word! And what perfect timing for my sis to share a verse with me that I so desperately needed.

On the days when my attitude is needing a bit of a boost, I can claim this verse.  God will give me victory over crankiness! He will give me the strength I need to go on.  He will sustain me, carrying the weight of my troubles. But, what touches me the most is that He will stoop down to make me great!


A grumpy, discontent momma?

God's love for me, a sinner, makes my heart soar!  And it's molding me into a great woman, wife, daughter, sister and momma!


  1. I admire your honesty. The awesome reality presides God is there time and time again to sustain us, fill us and lift us above our troubles. God bless and have a victorious day in the Lord beautiful woman.

  2. Amen.

    Your honesty is so important because so many of us struggle and feel discontent and get grumpy and more. But we compare and we think we don't measure up to another mom and that's just a trick. We're all the same, struggling along and growing and beautiful!

    Thank you.

  3. Amen to the above comments! Thanks for being real!!

  4. what a wonderful reminder for when we get down....

    have a good day~~~


  5. SKUNK UPDATE: Tried pas live trap trick last night.

    Trapped large skunk 11:00pm

    Hubby in lounge shorts and boots and 22 pull the trap to edge of yard.

    11:08 trap accidentally releases skunk....shots heard....PePe got away.

    Will try another day. LOL At this rate I will never run out of blog material.

    Have a great night. Good night.

  6. Jenn, I'm so glad this verse touched you the same way you touched me. Looking forward to this weekend!

  7. What a great reminder. Thanks for being vulnerable because I know we all feel this way at times.


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