Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Days


We started school yesterday. 

Thanks to Jamie, posting her back to school pictures, I remembered to take my children outdoors for a mini photo shoot!  I took about 35 pictures. I figured no one would want to look at all 35, so here are my four of my favorites.


Isaac chose to climb a tree for his first day of school picture.


Jacob leaned up against the basketball post.


Caleb rested on top of his favorite rock.


And I stuck Lauren under one of the bushes in our backyard.

~May God bless us as we begin another year of learning and growing~



  1. What beautiful pictures! I am waiting until the fall colors come in to take ours. Georgia is just georgious in the fall and I must take advantage of that beautiful free backdrop!

  2. Oh Jenn, God has blessed you with such a beautiful family. I know he will be with you and your kids during this year once again. I'm feelin' a cool nip in the air in the early mornings. Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

  3. Yeah... 1 day down and 179 more to go! :)

    Hope things went smoothly for ya.
    We start MONDAY!

  4. each one of your children is...well what is a word you can use for both boys and girls? precious? cute? adorable? darling?

    um, nope. but you know what i mean? hope it was a great day, they have an awesome teacher.

  5. great photos...
    best wishes for a wonderful school year...we are starting next monday.
    i'm so excited!

  6. Such sweet pics of the kiddos! Hope you have an awesome school year!!

  7. Hope you're all having a good first week back! I love the photos!

  8. Such a beautiful family!! I hope the first week goes really well!
    Collette xxx

  9. We need to take some school pics too. Thanks for the reminder!

    Hope you're having a great week and that school is going well!

  10. I love your kids! Have fun with school!


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