Monday, August 3, 2009

Corn You Find Us?

I know that is such a corny title!!! But I just had to do it!

Another busy day is ahead of me; full of grocery shopping, visiting my great aunt and a cook-out this evening. But, I wanted to post this summer fun picture...


Caleb and Lauren were having fun hiding out in Grandpa's corn field that is right next to our property! The corn is so tall! It is at least 2 feet taller than me. I remember the warm summer days when I would hide in the corn. It's a nature made hide-out! What could be more fun!


  1. I love your title!!! :) Chalk me up as being one cheesey kind of gal.


  2. A little corny, yet a great title. I love the pic, shakes up memories of me and my cousins hiding in our grandparents cornfield as young'ens. Have a great active day!!!

  3. I've been alergic to corn silk since I was twelve, but after being in the city for two years now, I really miss the corn fields! I miss the wide open spaces and the endless blue skies. The barely paves roads leading you to the grocery store. Oh what fond memories...

  4. what a fun adventure!

  5. What a cute picture. I'm sure I would ruin the peace and quiet with my sneezing and wheezing. I love corn fields, but they don't love me.

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  7. I have to tell you - one of the things I miss the most about the Midwest is driving past field after field of tall summer corn. There is nothing quite like hearing the wind rustle through the stalks...ahhhh...I'm getting all nostalgic again!! That is a precious picture!

  8. Oh, they're so cute! And I thought the title was pretty funny!

  9. I was telling my hubby about your "corny" title on this post... I told him that I think I found a kindred spirit in the world of using puns and having a dry sense of humor. If you read my blog long enough you're sure to find it full of the same. ;)


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