Monday, September 21, 2009

To My Love


To My Sweet Boy,

You are a light in my life.

Your smiles brighten our days. I can't get enough of those deep dimples and dark chocolate eyes. I cherish how you easily flash a big bright smile that can shine a light on even the darkest days. I want to hold you in my arms and sear these days into my memory.


I love your joyfulness in the simple things. You easily find simple pleasures in your days and delve into them wholeheartedly. I secretly watch you when you play and am amazed at your imagination. You can take two little toys and make a whole exciting adventure.

Every day you share with me words of love and affirmation. Not a day goes by that you haven't told me that I am the best mom you could ever have. Even on the days when I know I haven't even come close to earning that title, you still shower me with your love and affection. Oh sweet little one, I can learn so much from your unconditional love.

So, today on your 8th birthday, I give you my love. Pure and simple. You sweet boy are my sunshine and fill me with a joy that words can't begin to describe.

I love you!




  1. Such a sweet love letter to your son...

  2. It's amazing how those boys brighten our lives. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy, happy birthday Caleb! He looks like he's quite the thinker besides having the most precious dimples I've ever seen.

    Jenn, "let him eat cake" and ya'll have a wonderful time celebrating this day!!! God bless

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    You need to print this post out and save it for when he gets older.-- super sweet!

  5. Happy Birthday, little man! I can't believe you are getting so grown up! Love you!
    (Jenn, you made me cry!)

  6. That was so sweet-I have an eight year old too-they are so sweet at that age, don't you think?? :)

  7. What a sweet lovable boy you have, Jenn! Ah...those dimples...:)
    Happy Belated Birthday, Caleb!

  8. Hi Jenn,
    Your son is proof that children are a blessing from the Lord! When a treasure of a family you have.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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